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Academic Article In vitro biocompatibility evaluation of naturally derived and synthetic biomaterials using normal human bladder smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Future trends in bladder reconstructive surgery.
Academic Article In vitro systems for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Urethral mobilization and advancement for midshaft to distal hypospadias.
Academic Article Engineering of human cartilage rods: potential application for penile prostheses.
Academic Article Phenotypic and functional characterization of in vivo tissue engineered smooth muscle from normal and pathological bladders.
Academic Article Complications of hypospadias repair.
Academic Article Experimental and clinical experience with tissue engineering techniques for urethral reconstruction.
Academic Article Principals of neovascularization for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Urethral stricture repair with an off-the-shelf collagen matrix.
Academic Article Tissue engineering approaches for genital reconstruction.
Academic Article Directed apoptosis in Cox-2-overexpressing cancer cells through expression-targeted gene delivery.
Academic Article Tissue engineering, stem cells, and cloning for the regeneration of urologic organs.
Academic Article Cell cycle checkpoint function in bladder cancer.
Academic Article A novel use of centrifugal force for cell seeding into porous scaffolds.
Academic Article Therapeutic cloning and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Future perspectives in bladder reconstruction.
Academic Article Stem cells: cross-talk and developmental programs.
Academic Article What's new in urology.
Academic Article Prospects for engineering the urinary tract.
Academic Article Antiangiogenic properties of gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Angiogenic gene-modified muscle cells for enhancement of tissue formation.
Academic Article Bladder growth and development after complete primary repair of bladder exstrophy in the newborn with comparison to staged approach.
Academic Article Tumor cell-associated neuropilin-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor expression as determinants of tumor growth in neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Stem cells--brave new world?
Academic Article Testicular hypotrophy does not correlate with grade of adolescent varicocele.
Academic Article Applications of tissue engineering in the genitourinary tract.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cells and adipogenesis in hemangioma involution.
Academic Article Initial clinical results of the bioartificial kidney containing human cells in ICU patients with acute renal failure.
Academic Article Recent developments in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Academic Article GeneChips in stem cell research.
Academic Article Tissue engineering using adult stem cells.
Academic Article Isolation of amniotic stem cell lines with potential for therapy.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells are rejected after transplantation in the myocardium of normal, ischemic, immuno-suppressed or immuno-deficient rat.
Academic Article The future of bladder research: molecular profiling, new drug targets, gene therapy, and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Engineering complex tissues.
Academic Article The use of keratin biomaterials derived from human hair for the promotion of rapid regeneration of peripheral nerves.
Academic Article GeneChip analysis of human embryonic stem cell differentiation into hemangioblasts: an in silico dissection of mixed phenotypes.
Academic Article Engineering tissues, organs and cells.
Academic Article Cyclic mechanical preconditioning improves engineered muscle contraction.
Academic Article Bioengineered tissues for urogenital repair in children.
Academic Article The clinician scientist and medical advances.
Academic Article High transduction efficiency of human amniotic fluid stem cells mediated by adenovirus vectors.
Academic Article A collagen matrix derived from bladder can be used to engineer smooth muscle tissue.
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo characterization of a novel liposomal butorphanol formulation for treatment of pruritus.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cells can integrate and differentiate into epithelial lung lineages.
Academic Article Urine derived cells are a potential source for urological tissue reconstruction.
Academic Article Bioreactor maintained living skin matrix.
Academic Article Stem cells in urology.
Academic Article Optimization of human skeletal muscle precursor cell culture and myofiber formation in vitro.
Academic Article A keratin biomaterial gel hemostat derived from human hair: evaluation in a rabbit model of lethal liver injury.
Academic Article Stem cell sources to treat diabetes.
Academic Article New frontiers in stem cell research and therapy.
Academic Article Stem cells derived from amniotic fluid: new potentials in regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Optimization of a natural collagen scaffold to aid cell-matrix penetration for urologic tissue engineering.
Academic Article Posterior urethral valves.
Academic Article Engineering organs.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of acellular human dermis for abdominal wall repair.
Academic Article Differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into bladder cells: potential for urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Extending life using tissue and organ replacement.
Academic Article Editorial comment.
Academic Article Calcification after myocardial infarction is independent of amniotic fluid stem cell injection.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered conduit using urine-derived stem cells seeded bacterial cellulose polymer in urinary reconstruction and diversion.
Academic Article Human urine-derived stem cells seeded in a modified 3D porous small intestinal submucosa scaffold for urethral tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tissue engineering of human bladder.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered autologous urethras for patients who need reconstruction: an observational study.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine and organ transplantation: past, present, and future.
Academic Article Characterization of urine-derived stem cells obtained from upper urinary tract for use in cell-based urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Implantation of autologous urine derived stem cells expressing vascular endothelial growth factor for potential use in genitourinary reconstruction.
Academic Article Three-dimensional culture of hepatocytes on porcine liver tissue-derived extracellular matrix.
Academic Article Airway tissue engineering.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cell preconditioning improves their regenerative potential.
Academic Article Re.: A novel imaging approach for early detection of prostate cancer based on endogenous zinc sensing.
Academic Article Re.: Nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulators enhance female sexual motivation.
Academic Article Re: eIF4E Phosphorylation Promotes Tumorigenesis and is Associated With Prostate Cancer Progression.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine strategies.
Academic Article Cell and organ bioengineering technology as applied to gastrointestinal diseases.
Academic Article Human embryonic stem cells: early hints on safety and efficacy.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells in regenerative medicine research.
Academic Article Editorial: effective bio-economic approaches for stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Controlled heparin conjugation on electrospun poly(e-caprolactone)/gelatin fibers for morphology-dependent protein delivery and enhanced cellular affinity.
Academic Article Tissue engineering of reproductive tissues and organs.
Academic Article Valproic acid confers functional pluripotency to human amniotic fluid stem cells in a transgene-free approach.
Academic Article The effect of controlled release of PDGF-BB from heparin-conjugated electrospun PCL/gelatin scaffolds on cellular bioactivity and infiltration.
Academic Article Safeguarding pluripotent stem cells for cell therapy with a non-viral, non-integrating episomal suicide construct.
Academic Article Decellularization methods of porcine kidneys for whole organ engineering using a high-throughput system.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells as a cell source for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Evaluation of hydrogels for bio-printing applications.
Academic Article Human amnion epithelial cells induced to express functional cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator.
Academic Article Complex heterogeneous tissue constructs containing multiple cell types prepared by inkjet printing technology.
Academic Article MYC gene delivery to adult mouse utricles stimulates proliferation of postmitotic supporting cells in vitro.
Academic Article Skeletal myogenic differentiation of urine-derived stem cells and angiogenesis using microbeads loaded with growth factors.
Academic Article Engineering complex tissues.
Academic Article Advent and maturation of regenerative medicine.
Academic Article A new era in stem cells translational medicine.
Academic Article Robotic assisted ureteral reimplantation: current status.
Academic Article Re: Nkx3.1 and myc crossregulate shared target genes in mouse and human prostate tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Stem cells translational medicine: the journal of tomorrow is a reality today.
Academic Article Self-renewal and differentiation capacity of urine-derived stem cells after urine preservation for 24 hours.
Academic Article Assessments of injectable alginate particle-embedded fibrin hydrogels for soft tissue reconstruction.
Academic Article Scaffold technologies for controlling cell behavior in tissue engineering.
Academic Article Stretch and growth: the molecular and physiologic influences of tissue expansion.
Academic Article Reconstitution of human corpus cavernosum smooth muscle in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Proximal hypospadias.
Academic Article Rate and predictors of spontaneous resolution of prenatally diagnosed primary nonrefluxing megaureter.
Academic Article In vivo administration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its antagonist, soluble neuropilin-1, predicts a role of VEGF in the progression of acute myeloid leukemia in vivo.
Academic Article Pancreatic tumor growth is regulated by the balance between positive and negative modulators of angiogenesis.
Academic Article Formation of corporal tissue architecture in vivo using human cavernosal muscle and endothelial cells seeded on collagen matrices.
Academic Article Endostatin inhibits the vascular endothelial growth factor-induced mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells.
Academic Article Tissue engineering, stem cells, and cloning: opportunities for regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Therapeutic cloning applications for organ transplantation.
Academic Article Lack of major involvement of human uroplakin genes in vesicoureteral reflux: implications for disease heterogeneity.
Academic Article Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux with autologous chondrocytes: postoperative sonographic features.
Academic Article Tissue engineering applications of therapeutic cloning.
Academic Article Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: concepts for clinical application.
Academic Article Anterior urethral valves and diverticula in children: a result of ruptured Cowper's duct cyst?
Academic Article Is adolescent varicocele a progressive disease process?
Academic Article Derivation and comparative assessment of retinal pigment epithelium from human embryonic stem cells using transcriptomics.
Academic Article Regeneration of urologic tissues and organs.
Academic Article Propagation, expansion, and multilineage differentiation of human somatic stem cells from dermal progenitors.
Academic Article Tissue engineering, stem cells and cloning: current concepts and changing trends.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvic musculoskeletal and genitourinary anatomy in patients before and after complete primary repair of bladder exstrophy.
Academic Article Early outcome following complete primary repair of bladder exstrophy in the newborn.
Academic Article Technology insight: Applications of tissue engineering and biological substitutes in urology.
Academic Article In vitro evaluation of a poly(lactide-co-glycolide)-collagen composite scaffold for bone regeneration.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered autologous bladders for patients needing cystoplasty.
Academic Article Recent applications of regenerative medicine to urologic structures and related tissues.
Academic Article Carbon nanotube applications for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Engineering of blood vessels from acellular collagen matrices coated with human endothelial cells.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid and placental stem cells.
Academic Article In-vitro reconstitution of three-dimensional human salivary gland tissue structures.
Academic Article Chondrogenic differentiation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article Smart biomaterials design for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of exstrophic human bladder smooth muscle.
Academic Article Advances in tissue and organ replacement.
Academic Article Sources of stem cells for regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Randomized comparative study between buccal mucosal and acellular bladder matrix grafts in complex anterior urethral strictures.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of bladder smooth muscle from patients with myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Non-invasive longitudinal tracking of human amniotic fluid stem cells in the mouse heart.
Academic Article The influence of electrospun aligned poly(epsilon-caprolactone)/collagen nanofiber meshes on the formation of self-aligned skeletal muscle myotubes.
Academic Article Angiogenic gene modification of skeletal muscle cells to compensate for ageing-induced decline in bioengineered functional muscle tissue.
Academic Article Tissue engineering in urology.
Academic Article Producing organs in the laboratory.
Academic Article Guest editors' introduction. Methods in tissue engineering.
Academic Article Reprogramming of human somatic cells using human and animal oocytes.
Academic Article Tissue-specific extracellular matrix coatings for the promotion of cell proliferation and maintenance of cell phenotype.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cells: emerging therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Academic Article Myogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on a 3D nano fibrous scaffold for bladder tissue engineering.
Academic Article Osteogenic differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells induced by bone morphogenetic protein-7 and enhanced by nanofibrous scaffolds.
Academic Article The effect of epigenetic therapy on congenital neurogenic bladders--a pilot study.
Academic Article Protective effect of human amniotic fluid stem cells in an immunodeficient mouse model of acute tubular necrosis.
Academic Article Effects of Lifetime Occupational Pesticide Exposure on Postural Control Among Farmworkers and Non-Farmworkers.
Academic Article Ethanol alters the osteogenic differentiation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article In vitro cardiomyogenic potential of human amniotic fluid stem cells.
Academic Article Bioreactors for development of tissue engineered heart valves.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to solid organ transplantation: current status and future challenges.
Academic Article The use of whole organ decellularization for the generation of a vascularized liver organoid.
Academic Article Repair of peripheral nerve defects in rabbits using keratin hydrogel scaffolds.
Academic Article Cryopreservation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells using natural cryoprotectants and low concentrations of dimethylsulfoxide.
Academic Article Re: therapeutic potential of human mesenchymal stem cells producing IL-12 in a mouse xenograft model of renal cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Fkbp52 regulates androgen receptor transactivation activity and male urethra morphogenesis.
Academic Article Tissue engineering of the penis.
Academic Article In vitro reconstitution of human kidney structures for renal cell therapy.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to general surgery.
Academic Article An emerging cell-based strategy in orthopaedics: endothelial progenitor cells.
Academic Article Tissue specific synthetic ECM hydrogels for 3-D in vitro maintenance of hepatocyte function.
Academic Article Bilayered constructs aimed at osteochondral strategies: the influence of medium supplements in the osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article The effect of differentiation stage of amniotic fluid stem cells on bone regeneration.
Academic Article Re: SCRIB expression is deregulated in human prostate cancer, and its deficiency in mice promotes prostate neoplasia.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cell injection therapy for urethral sphincter regeneration in an animal model.
Academic Article Organ engineering--combining stem cells, biomaterials, and bioreactors to produce bioengineered organs for transplantation.
Academic Article Human mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells cultured under embryonic stem cell conditions with valproic acid acquire pluripotent characteristics.
Academic Article Re: Prostate cancer targeting motifs: expression of a? ß3, neurotensin receptor 1, prostate specific membrane antigen, and prostate stem cell antigen in human prostate cancer cell lines and xenografts.
Academic Article Urothelial cell culture: stratified urothelial sheet and three-dimensional growth of urothelial structure.
Academic Article Substrate elasticity controls cell proliferation, surface marker expression and motile phenotype in amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article Cell therapy with human renal cell cultures containing erythropoietin-positive cells improves chronic kidney injury.
Academic Article Re: MicroRNA-449a acts as a tumor suppressor in human bladder cancer through the regulation of pocket proteins.
Academic Article Genetic modification of primate amniotic fluid-derived stem cells produces pancreatic progenitor cells in vitro.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid and placental membranes: unexpected sources of highly multipotent cells.
Academic Article Decellularization for whole organ bioengineering.
Academic Article In vitro osteogenic differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells on a poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA)-bladder submucosa matrix (BSM) composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Re: a gene signature identified using a mouse model of androgen receptor-dependent prostate cancer predicts biochemical relapse in human disease.
Concept Humans
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 7
Concept Adenoviruses, Human
Academic Article Porcine pancreas extracellular matrix as a platform for endocrine pancreas bioengineering.
Academic Article Re: Inhibition of Ca2+ -activated Cl- channel ANO1/TMEM16A expression suppresses tumor growth and invasiveness in human prostate carcinoma.
Academic Article Engineering functional bladder tissues.
Academic Article Re: Microvesicles released from human renal cancer stem cells stimulate angiogenesis and formation of lung premetastatic niche.
Academic Article Re: NMR-based metabolomics study of canine bladder cancer.
Academic Article Will regenerative medicine replace transplantation?
Academic Article Re: PIK3CA mutation spectrum in urothelial carcinoma reflects cell context-dependent signaling and phenotypic outputs.
Academic Article Re: p21-activated kinase 6 (PAK6) inhibits prostate cancer growth via phosphorylation of androgen receptor and tumorigenic E3 ligase murine double minute-2 (Mdm2).
Academic Article Re: Cox-2 inhibition enhances the activity of sunitinib in human renal cell carcinoma xenografts.
Academic Article Isolation of c-Kit+ human amniotic fluid stem cells from second trimester.
Academic Article The effect of urine-derived stem cells expressing VEGF loaded in collagen hydrogels on myogenesis and innervation following after subcutaneous implantation in nude mice.
Academic Article Correction of diabetic erectile dysfunction with adipose derived stem cells modified with the vascular endothelial growth factor gene in a rodent diabetic model.
Academic Article Re: Shrinkage of experimental benign prostatic hyperplasia and reduction of prostatic cell volume by a gastrin-releasing peptide antagonist.
Academic Article Re: Downregulation of Ral GTPase-activating protein promotes tumor invasion and metastasis of bladder cancer.
Academic Article Urothelial cell culture.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal control of transgene expression through ultrasound-mediated induction of the heat shock protein 70B promoter in vivo.
Academic Article Multipotential differentiation of human urine-derived stem cells: potential for therapeutic applications in urology.
Academic Article Re: Long non-coding RNA H19 increases bladder cancer metastasis by associating with EZH2 and inhibiting E-cadherin expression.
Academic Article In situ tissue regeneration through host stem cell recruitment.
Academic Article Segmental ulcerated perineal hemangioma of infancy: a complex case of PELVIS syndrome successfully treated using a multidisciplinary approach.
Academic Article Bioprinting technology and its applications.
Academic Article Understanding the role of growth factors in modulating stem cell tenogenesis.
Academic Article Bladder acellular matrix and its application in bladder augmentation.
Academic Article Small molecules and small molecule drugs in regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Re: CSF1R signaling blockade stanches tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells and improves the efficacy of radiotherapy in prostate cancer.
Academic Article SIU/ICUD Consultation on Urethral Strictures: The management of anterior urethral stricture disease using substitution urethroplasty.
Academic Article Re: missense mutations in SLC26A8, encoding a sperm-specific activator of CFTR, are associated with human asthenozoospermia.
Academic Article Re: activation of HIF2a in kidney proximal tubule cells causes abnormal glycogen deposition but not tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Stem cells translational medicine: exciting progress, growing partnerships, and new vehicles for information dissemination.
Academic Article Re: antitumoral effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide in human renal cell carcinoma xenografts in athymic nude mice.
Academic Article Re: enhanced therapeutic effect of cisplatin on the prostate cancer in tumor-bearing mice by transfecting the attenuated salmonella carrying a plasmid co-expressing p53 gene and MDM2 siRNA.
Academic Article Re: telomere length influences cancer cell differentiation in vivo.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine: the hurdles and hopes.
Academic Article Tissue engineering in urethral reconstruction.
Academic Article Regenerative bladder augmentation using autologous tissue-when will we get there?
Academic Article Re: Gene signatures distinguish stage-specific prostate cancer stem cells isolated from transgenic adenocarcinoma of the mouse prostate lesions and predict the malignancy of human tumors.
Academic Article Re: miR-182 and miR-203 induce mesenchymal to epithelial transition and self-sufficiency of growth signals via repressing SNAI2 in prostate cells.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered autologous vaginal organs in patients: a pilot cohort study.
Academic Article Re: lncRNA-dependent mechanisms of androgen-receptor-regulated gene activation programs.
Academic Article Renal bioengineering with scaffolds generated from human kidneys.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine in urology.
Academic Article Re: The long noncoding RNA SChLAP1 promotes aggressive prostate cancer and antagonizes the SWI/SNF complex.
Academic Article Re: Dietary sources of N-nitroso compounds and bladder cancer risk: findings from the Los Angeles Bladder Cancer Study.
Academic Article 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs.
Academic Article Airway tissue engineering: an update.
Academic Article Testicular tissue cryopreservation and spermatogonial stem cell transplantation to restore fertility: from bench to bedside.
Academic Article Re: TALEN-engineered AR gene rearrangements reveal endocrine uncoupling of androgen receptor in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Re: bispecific small molecule-antibody conjugate targeting prostate cancer.
Academic Article Re: Understanding the pharmacological properties of a metabolic PET tracer in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Re: Lack of testicular seipin causes teratozoospermia syndrome in men.
Academic Article Isolation, cryopreservation and culture of human amnion epithelial cells for clinical applications.
Academic Article Human stem cell-derived retinal cells for macular diseases.
Academic Article Manufacturing road map for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine technologies.
Academic Article Editorial: Bringing regenerative medicine therapies to the 21st century.
Academic Article Re: Lin28 sustains early renal progenitors and induces Wilms tumor.
Academic Article Re: miR-28-5p promotes chromosomal instability in VHL-associated cancers by inhibiting Mad2 translation.
Academic Article The potential role of regenerative medicine in the man-agement of traumatic patients.
Academic Article Re: Characteristics of TRK-130 (naltalimide), a novel opioid ligand, as a new therapeutic agent for overactive bladder.
Academic Article Re: Mutations in 3'-long terminal repeat of HERV-W family in chromosome 7 upregulate syncytin-1 expression in urothelial cell carcinoma of the bladder through interacting with c-Myb.
Academic Article Cell therapy for cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Biomaterials for integration with 3-D bioprinting.
Academic Article Whole kidney engineering for clinical translation.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Re: Circulating tumor cells exhibit a biologically aggressive cancer phenotype accompanied by selective resistance to chemotherapy.
Academic Article Re: Androgen receptor and microRNA-21 axis downregulates transforming growth factor beta receptor II (TGFBR2) expression in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Re: Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase opposes renal carcinoma progression.
Academic Article Re: Estrogen receptor ß upregulates FOXO3a and causes induction of apoptosis through PUMA in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Pdx1 and controlled culture conditions induced differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells to insulin-producing clusters.
Academic Article Re: Pretargeted dual-modality immuno-SPECT and near-infrared fluorescence imaging for image-guided surgery of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Re: Tumour-infiltrating Gr-1+ myeloid cells antagonize senescence in cancer.
Academic Article Re: Identification and characterization of membrane androgen receptors in the ZIP9 zinc transporter subfamily: II. Role of human ZIP9 in testosterone-induced prostate and breast cancer cell apoptosis.
Academic Article Current achievements and future perspectives in whole-organ bioengineering.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine for the treatment of reproductive system disorders: current and potential options.
Academic Article Re: Discovery and Characterization of Small Molecules that Target the GTPase Ral.
Academic Article Re: Ion Channel TRPM8 Promotes Hypoxic Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells via an O2-Independent and RACK1-Mediated Mechanism of HIF-1a Stabilization.
Academic Article Re: Bone-Induced c-Kit Expression in Prostate Cancer: A Driver of Intraosseous Tumor Growth.
Academic Article Bioengineered multilayered human corneas from discarded human corneal tissue.
Academic Article Re: Expression and Localization of a UT-B Urea Transporter in the Human Bladder.
Academic Article Re: Circulating Biomarkers of One-Carbon Metabolism in Relation to Renal Cell Carcinoma Incidence and Survival.
Academic Article Cell-based therapy for kidney disease.
Academic Article Re: SAHA Triggered MET Activation Contributes to SAHA Tolerance in Solid Cancer Cells.
Academic Article Re: A Human Prostatic Bacterial Isolate Alters the Prostatic Microenvironment and Accelerates Prostate Cancer Progression.
Academic Article A hydrogel bioink toolkit for mimicking native tissue biochemical and mechanical properties in bioprinted tissue constructs.
Academic Article CD133 antibody conjugation to decellularized human heart valves intended for circulating cell capture.
Academic Article Liver-Tumor Hybrid Organoids for Modeling Tumor Growth and Drug Response In Vitro.
Academic Article Re: Loss of Expression of the Tumour Suppressor Gene AIMP3 Predicts Survival following Radiotherapy in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer.
Academic Article Re: The Inhibitor of Differentiation Isoform Id1b, Generated by Alternative Splicing, Maintains Cell Quiescence and Confers Self-Renewal and Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties.
Academic Article Quantifying signaling pathway activation to monitor the quality of induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article 3D Printing and Biofabrication for Load Bearing Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article Re: A Feedback Regulation between miR-145 and DNA Methyltransferase 3b in Prostate Cancer Cell and Their Responses to Irradiation.
Academic Article Re: Peroxiredoxin 4: A Novel Secreted Mediator of Cancer Induced Osteoclastogenesis.
Academic Article Re: Elf5 Inhibits TGF-ß-Driven Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer by Repressing SMAD3 Activation.
Academic Article Stiffness of hyaluronic acid gels containing liver extracellular matrix supports human hepatocyte function and alters cell morphology.
Academic Article A liver-on-a-chip platform with bioprinted hepatic spheroids.
Academic Article Effects of Lifetime Occupational Pesticide Exposure on Postural Control Among Farmworkers and Non-Farmworkers.
Academic Article Experimental testicular tissue banking to generate spermatogenesis in the future: A multidisciplinary team approach.
Academic Article Re: PLCe Knockdown Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Proliferation via Suppression of Notch Signalling and Nuclear Translocation of the Androgen Receptor.
Academic Article Re: mTORC1 Drives HIF-1a and VEGF-A Signalling via Multiple Mechanisms Involving 4E-BP1, S6K1 and STAT3.
Academic Article Re: Regulation of the ITGA2 Gene by Epigenetic Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Printing Technologies for Medical Applications.
Academic Article A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity.
Academic Article Re: Expression of Nuclear Matrix Proteins Binding Matrix Attachment Regions in Prostate Cancer. PARP-1: New Player in Tumor Progression.
Academic Article Re: Chronic Oxidative Stress Leads to Malignant Transformation Along with Acquisition of Stem Cell Characteristics, and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Human Renal Epithelial Cells.
Academic Article Applying Regenerative Medicine to Battlefield Injuries.
Academic Article Developing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Therapy for the Masses.
Academic Article Fluid Flow Regulation of Revascularization and Cellular Organization in a Bioengineered Liver Platform.
Academic Article The hematopoietic system in the context of regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Kidney diseases and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Use of trimetasphere metallofullerene MRI contrast agent for the non-invasive longitudinal tracking of stem cells in the lung.
Academic Article Elastomeric free-form blood vessels for interconnecting organs on chip systems.
Academic Article In Vitro Spermatogenesis: How Far from Clinical Application?
Academic Article Bioprinting Cellularized Constructs Using a Tissue-specific Hydrogel Bioink.
Academic Article Re: RNA-Seq of Single Prostate CTCs Implicates Noncanonical Wnt Signaling in Antiandrogen Resistance.
Academic Article Re: AKAP3 Degradation in Sperm Capacitation is Regulated by its Tyrosine Phosphorylation.
Academic Article Re: Tumour-Suppressive MicroRNA-29s Directly Regulate LOXL2 Expression and Inhibit Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion in Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Infiltrating Neutrophils Promote Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) Proliferation via Modulating Androgen Receptor (AR)???c-Myc Signals.
Academic Article Re: Autophagy Defects Suggested by Low Levels of Autophagy Activator MAP1S and High Levels of Autophagy Inhibitor LRPPRC Predict Poor Prognosis of Prostate Cancer Patients.
Academic Article Re: Sex Hormone-Dependent tRNA Halves Enhance Cell Proliferation in Breast and Prostate Cancers.
Academic Article Re: Mutations in TERT Promoter and FGFR3 and Telomere Length in Bladder Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Human Schlafen 5 (SLFN5) is a Regulator of Motility and Invasiveness of Renal Cell Carcinoma Cells.
Academic Article Re: A Tumor Mitochondria Vaccine Protects against Experimental Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Sphaeropsidin A Shows Promising Activity against Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells by Targeting Regulatory Volume Increase.
Academic Article Common pathway signature in lung and liver fibrosis.
Academic Article Multilayer scaffolds in orthopaedic tissue engineering.
Academic Article Comparative study of different seeding methods based on a multilayer SIS scaffold: Which is the optimal procedure for urethral tissue engineering?
Academic Article A reductionist metastasis-on-a-chip platform for in vitro tumor progression modeling and drug screening.
Academic Article Re: Dietary Flavonoid Fisetin Binds to ß-Tubulin and Disrupts Microtubule Dynamics in Prostate Cancer Cells.
Academic Article Biofabrication: a secret weapon to advance manufacturing, economies, and healthcare.
Academic Article Re: Two Genes Substitute for the Mouse Y Chromosome for Spermatogenesis and Reproduction.
Academic Article Re: Bone Metastasis in Prostate Cancer: Recurring Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Reveals Selective Pressure Exerted by the Bone Microenvironment.
Academic Article Re: A Structured Interdomain Linker Directs Self-Polymerization of Human Uromodulin.
Academic Article Re: Reporter Nanoparticle that Monitors its Anticancer Efficacy in Real Time.
Academic Article Re: Regulation of UHRF1 by Dual-Strand Tumor-Suppressor MicroRNA-145 (miR-145-5p and miR-145-3p): Inhibition of Bladder Cancer Cell Aggressiveness.
Academic Article Organoid-on-a-chip and body-on-a-chip systems for drug screening and disease modeling.
Academic Article Bioprinting 3D microfibrous scaffolds for engineering endothelialized myocardium and heart-on-a-chip.
Academic Article Tissue Engineering: Toward a New Era of Medicine.
Academic Article Re: N-Myc Drives Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer Initiated from Human Prostate Epithelial Cells.
Academic Article Re: Mammalian Elongation Factor 4 Regulates Mitochondrial Translation Essential for Spermatogenesis.
Academic Article Potential Use of Autologous Renal Cells from Diseased Kidneys for the Treatment of Renal Failure.
Academic Article Re: Mesenchymal Stem Cells are Recruited and Activated into Carcinoma-Associated Fibroblasts by Prostate Cancer Microenvironment-Derived TGF-ß1.
Academic Article The effect of collagen hydrogel on 3D culture of ovarian follicles.
Academic Article Re: Combined Therapy with Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Ciprofloxacin against Acute Urogenital Organ Damage in Rat Sepsis Syndrome Induced by Intrapelvic Injection of Cecal Bacteria.
Academic Article Re: Genome Engineering Uncovers 54 Evolutionarily Conserved and Testis-Enriched Genes That are Not Required for Male Fertility in Mice.
Academic Article Re: The Metabolic Co-Regulator PGC1a Suppresses Prostate Cancer Metastasis.
Academic Article Re: Inhibition of the Hexosamine Biosynthetic Pathway Promotes Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus-Induced Erectile Dysfunction Using Endothelial Progenitor Cells Genetically Modified with Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase.
Academic Article Progressive Muscle Cell Delivery as a Solution for Volumetric Muscle Defect Repair.
Academic Article Editorial: Future Directions for Stem Cell Banking and Therapy.
Academic Article Urological Tissue Cultures.
Academic Article A tunable hydrogel system for long-term release of cell-secreted cytokines and bioprinted in situ wound cell delivery.
Academic Article Skeletal myogenic differentiation of human urine-derived cells as a potential source for skeletal muscle regeneration.
Academic Article Effects of Lifetime Occupational Pesticide Exposure on Postural Control Among Farmworkers and Non-Farmworkers.
Academic Article Advancing the Translation of Stem Cells to Medicine.
Academic Article Re: Comprehensive Analysis of Differentially Expressed Profiles of lncRNAs and circRNAs with Associated Co-Expression and ceRNA Networks in Bladder Carcinoma.
Academic Article The potential role of tissue-engineered urethral substitution: clinical and preclinical studies.
Academic Article Re: Infiltrating Macrophages Increase RCC Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and Stem Cell-Like Populations via AKT and mTOR Signaling.
Academic Article Re: Resistance to Docetaxel in Prostate Cancer is Associated with Androgen Receptor Activation and Loss of KDM5D Expression.
Academic Article Re: Activation of Notch1 Synergizes with Multiple Pathways in Promoting Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Integrated Classification of Prostate Cancer Reveals a Novel Luminal Subtype with Poor Outcome.
Academic Article Re: Integrative Analyses Reveal a Long Noncoding RNA-Mediated Sponge Regulatory Network in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Multisensor-integrated organs-on-chips platform for automated and continual in situ monitoring of organoid behaviors.
Academic Article Three-dimensional testicular organoid: a novel tool for the study of human spermatogenesis and gonadotoxicity in vitro.
Academic Article Transforming the Approach to Cell-Based Therapies.
Academic Article Cell therapy for stress urinary incontinence: Present-day frontiers.
Academic Article * Tissue-Specific Extracellular Matrix Enhances Skeletal Muscle Precursor Cell Expansion and Differentiation for Potential Application in Cell Therapy.
Academic Article No evidence of genome editing activity from Natronobacterium gregoryi Argonaute (NgAgo) in human cells.
Academic Article Re: Androgen Receptor Antagonists Compromise T Cell Response against Prostate Cancer Leading to Early Tumor Relapse.
Academic Article Re: Activation of Notch1 Synergizes with Multiple Pathways in Promoting Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Low CD38 Identifies Progenitor-Like Inflammation-Associated Luminal Cells that Can Initiate Human Prostate Cancer and Predict Poor Outcome.
Academic Article Re: Rb1 and Trp53 Cooperate to Suppress Prostate Cancer Lineage Plasticity, Metastasis, and Antiandrogen Resistance.
Academic Article Immunomodulatory Cell Therapy to Target Cystic Fibrosis Inflammation.
Academic Article Announcing a New Journal Section: Cord Blood.
Academic Article Re: MicroRNA-141 Suppresses Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and Metastasis by Targeting a Cohort of Pro-Metastasis Genes.
Academic Article Multi-tissue interactions in an integrated three-tissue organ-on-a-chip platform.
Academic Article Re: AKT-Mediated Stabilization of Histone Methyltransferase WHSC1 Promotes Prostate Cancer Metastasis.
Academic Article Self-assembled liver organoids recapitulate hepatobiliary organogenesis in vitro.
Academic Article Tissue-specific extracellular matrix promotes myogenic differentiation of human muscle progenitor cells on gelatin and heparin conjugated alginate hydrogels.
Academic Article Re: Antagonists of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Inhibit Proliferation Induced by Inflammation in Prostatic Epithelial Cells.
Academic Article Re: Inactivation of the PBRM1 Tumor Suppressor Gene Amplifies the HIF-Response in VHL-/- Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Genome-Wide Association Study of Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels Identifies Novel Loci Independent of Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Optical Tracking and Digital Quantification of Beating Behavior in Bioengineered Human Cardiac Organoids.
Academic Article Solubilized Amnion Membrane Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Accelerates Full-Thickness Wound Healing.
Academic Article Re: Loss of Tumor Suppressor KDM6A Amplifies PRC2-Regulated Transcriptional Repression in Bladder Cancer and Can be Targeted through Inhibition of EZH2.
Academic Article Re: Profiling of Long Non-Coding RNAs Identifies LINC00958 and LINC01296 as Candidate Oncogenes in Bladder Cancer.
Academic Article Re: ARF Confers a Context-Dependent Response to Chemotherapy in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Smooth Muscle Progenitor Cells Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Induce Histologic Changes in Injured Urethral Sphincter.
Academic Article Re: The Metabolic Co-Regulator PGC1a Suppresses Prostate Cancer Metastasis.
Academic Article Lipid Emulsion, More Than Reversing Bupivacaine Cardiotoxicity: Potential Organ Protection.
Academic Article Re: Genomic Hallmarks of Localized, Non-Indolent Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article A Review of Anesthetic Effects on Renal Function: Potential Organ Protection.
Academic Article 3D Bioprinted Human Skeletal Muscle Constructs for Muscle Function Restoration.
Academic Article Correction: A human bone marrow mesodermal-derived cell population with hemogenic potential.
Academic Article A human bone marrow mesodermal-derived cell population with hemogenic potential.
Academic Article Re: Mg(II)-Catechin Nanoparticles Delivering siRNA Targeting EIF5A2 Inhibit Bladder Cancer Cell Growth In Vitro and In Vivo.
Academic Article Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.
Academic Article miR-122 inhibition in a human liver organoid model leads to liver inflammation, necrosis, steatofibrosis and dysregulated insulin signaling.
Academic Article Re: A CCR4 Antagonist Reverses the Tumor-Promoting Microenvironment of Renal Cancer.
Academic Article An Industry-Driven Roadmap for Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine.
Academic Article Re: Bacterial Virulence Phenotypes of Escherichia coli and Host Susceptibility Determine Risk for Urinary Tract Infections.
Academic Article Re: The Genomic Landscape of Renal Oncocytoma Identifies a Metabolic Barrier to Tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Re: SOX2 Promotes Lineage Plasticity and Antiandrogen Resistance in TP53- and RB1-Deficient Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Environmental Toxin Screening Using Human-Derived 3D Bioengineered Liver and Cardiac Organoids.
Academic Article Human Urine-Derived Stem Cell Differentiation to Endothelial Cells with Barrier Function and Nitric Oxide Production.
Academic Article Re: Unifying Mechanism for Different Fibrotic Diseases.
Academic Article Re: Prostate Cancer-Associated SPOP Mutations Confer Resistance to BET Inhibitors through Stabilization of BRD4.
Academic Article Exosomes secreted by placental stem cells selectively inhibit growth of aggressive prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Re: MYC Activation Cooperates with Vhl and Ink4a/Arf Loss to Induce Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Enterobacteria Secrete an Inhibitor of Pseudomonas Virulence during Clinical Bacteriuria.
Academic Article Re: Vitamin D3 Prevents Calcium-Induced Progression of Early-Stage Prostate Tumors by Counteracting TRPC6 and Calcium Sensing Receptor Upregulation.
Academic Article Re: Analysis of Renal Cancer Cell Lines from Two Major Resources Enables Genomics-Guided Cell Line Selection.
Academic Article The potential of 3D printing in urological research and patient care.
Academic Article Regenerative Medicine: Progressing Toward Cures.
Academic Article Re: Proteus mirabilis Fimbriae- and Urease-Dependent Clusters Assemble in an Extracellular Niche to Initiate Bladder Stone Formation.
Academic Article Re: Evasion of Immunosurveillance by Genomic Alterations of PPAR?/RXRa in Bladder Cancer.
Academic Article Cryostorage of immature and mature human testis tissue to preserve spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs): a systematic review of current experiences toward clinical applications.
Academic Article Human testicular organoid system as a novel tool to study Zika virus pathogenesis.
Academic Article A Photo-Crosslinkable Kidney ECM-Derived Bioink Accelerates Renal Tissue Formation.
Academic Article Effect of Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells on Kidney Function in a Model of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Academic Article In Situ Bioprinting of Autologous Skin Cells Accelerates Wound Healing of Extensive Excisional Full-Thickness Wounds.
Academic Article Large-Scale Preparation of Extracellular Vesicles Enriched with Specific microRNA.
Academic Article Delivering SaCas9 mRNA by lentivirus-like bionanoparticles for transient expression and efficient genome editing.
Academic Article Delivering Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoprotein (RNP) by lentiviral capsid-based bionanoparticles for efficient 'hit-and-run' genome editing.
Academic Article In vitro evaluation of functionalized decellularized muscle scaffold for in situ skeletal muscle regeneration.
Academic Article Re: Immunogenomic Analyses Associate Immunological Alterations with Mismatch Repair Defects in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Alterations of Tumor Microenvironment by Nitric Oxide Impedes Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Growth.
Academic Article Re: Molecular Evolution of Early-Onset Prostate Cancer Identifies Molecular Risk Markers and Clinical Trajectories.
Academic Article Three-Dimensional Bioprinting in Regenerative Medicine: Reality, Hype, and Future.
Academic Article Re: Large-Scale Transcriptome-Wide Association Study Identifies New Prostate Cancer Risk Regions.
Academic Article Effects of Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells on Liver Diseases.
Academic Article Amnion membrane hydrogel and amnion membrane powder accelerate wound healing in a full thickness porcine skin wound model.
Academic Article Re: Epigenetic Silencing of the Dual-Role Signal Mediator, ANGPTL4 in Tumor Tissues and Its Overexpression in the Urothelial Carcinoma Microenvironment.
Academic Article Re: Nuclear Pores Promote Lethal Prostate Cancer by Increasing POM121-Driven E2F1, MYC, and AR Nuclear Import.
Academic Article Re: Conserved Collateral Antibiotic Susceptibility Networks in Diverse Clinical Strains of Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Re: Hydroxysteroid (17ß) Dehydrogenase 1 Expressed by Sertoli Cells Contributes to Steroid Synthesis and is Required for Male Fertility.
Academic Article Re: Targeting FOXA1-Mediated Repression of TGF-ß Signaling Suppresses Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Progression.
Academic Article Re: Host Restriction of Escherichia coli Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Occurs in a Bacterial Strain-Specific Manner.
Academic Article Re: An Aberrant SREBP-Dependent Lipogenic Program Promotes Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: A Mucosal Imprint Left by Prior Escherichia coli Bladder Infection Sensitizes to Recurrent Disease.
Academic Article Re: LNMAT1 Promotes Lymphatic Metastasis of Bladder Cancer via CCL2 Dependent Macrophage Recruitment.
Academic Article Re: Inhibition of De Novo Lipogenesis Targets Androgen Receptor Signaling in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: A Somatically Acquired Enhancer of the Androgen Receptor is a Noncoding Driver in Advanced Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: A Human Adult Stem Cell Signature Marks Aggressive Variants across Epithelial Cancers.
Academic Article Re: ARv7 Represses Tumor-Suppressor Genes in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Skin tissue regeneration for burn injury.
Academic Article Re: Classification of Prostate Cancer Using a Protease Activity Nanosensor Library.
Academic Article Re: Estrogen Receptor ß Promotes Renal Cell Carcinoma Progression via Regulating LncRNA HOTAIR-miR-138/200c/204/217 Associated CeRNA Network.
Academic Article Re: Diverse AR-V7 Cistromes in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer are Governed by HoxB13.
Academic Article Re: Inhibition of De Novo Lipogenesis Targets Androgen Receptor Signaling in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: SIRT3 Inhibited the Formation of Calcium Oxalate-Induced Kidney Stones through Regulating NRF2/HO-1 Signaling Pathway.
Academic Article Re: E-Cigarette Smoke Damages DNA and Reduces Repair Activity in Mouse Lung, Heart, and Bladder as Well as in Human Lung and Bladder Cells.
Academic Article Engineering blood vessels and vascularized tissues: technology trends and potential clinical applications.
Academic Article Re: Mouse and Human Urothelial Cancer Organoids: A Tool for Bladder Cancer Research.
Academic Article Re: Compartmentalized Activities of the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Sustain Lipogenesis in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: Identification of MicroR-106b as a Prognostic Biomarker of p53-Like Bladder Cancers by ActMiR.
Academic Article Re: Recurrent Activating Mutations of PPAR? Associated with Luminal Bladder Tumors.
Academic Article Re: The Proteogenomic Landscape of Curable Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Urothelium with barrier function differentiated from human urine-derived stem cells for potential use in urinary tract reconstruction.
Academic Article Re: Diverse AR-V7 Cistromes in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer are Governed by HoxB13.
Academic Article Re: Genetic Variation in the SIM1 Locus is Associated with Erectile Dysfunction.
Academic Article Purging of malignant cell contamination prior to spermatogonia stem cell autotransplantation to preserve fertility: progress & prospects.
Academic Article Bladder Organoids and Spheroids: Potential Tools for Normal and Diseased Tissue Modelling.
Academic Article Re: Acquisition of Tumorigenic Potential and Therapeutic Resistance in CD133+ Subpopulation of Prostate Cancer Cells Exhibiting Stem-Cell Like Characteristics.
Academic Article 3D reconstruction of CT scans aid in preoperative planning for sarcomatoid renal cancer: A case report and mini-review.
Academic Article Re: Host Suppression of Quorum Sensing during Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections.
Academic Article Re: TRAF4-Mediated Ubiquitination of NGF Receptor TrkA Regulates Prostate Cancer Metastasis.
Academic Article Re: An FGFR3/MYC Positive Feedback Loop Provides New Opportunities for Targeted Therapies in Bladder Cancers.
Academic Article Assessment methodologies for extrusion-based bioink printability.
Academic Article Reno-protection of Urine-derived Stem Cells in A Chronic Kidney Disease Rat Model Induced by Renal Ischemia and Nephrotoxicity.
Academic Article Bioprinted Skin Recapitulates Normal Collagen Remodeling in Full-Thickness Wounds.
Academic Article A cocktail of growth factors released from a heparin hyaluronic-acid hydrogel promotes the myogenic potential of human urine-derived stem cells in vivo.
Academic Article Neural cell integration into 3D bioprinted skeletal muscle constructs accelerates restoration of muscle function.
Academic Article A photo-crosslinkable cartilage-derived extracellular matrix bioink for auricular cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Administration of secretome from human placental stem cell-conditioned media improves recovery of erectile function in the pelvic neurovascular injury model.
Academic Article Dynamic Changes in Erectile Function and Histological Architecture After Intracorporal Injection of Human Placental Stem Cells in a Pelvic Neurovascular Injury Rat Model.
Academic Article Implementation Guide for Rapid Integration of an Outpatient Telemedicine Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Extracellular vesicles from three dimensional culture of human placental mesenchymal stem cells ameliorated renal ischemia/reperfusion injury.
Academic Article Kidney regeneration approaches for translation.
Academic Article Extrusion-Based Bioprinting: Current Standards and Relevancy for Human-Sized Tissue Fabrication.
Academic Article Age-related presence of spermatogonia in patients with Klinefelter syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Mammalian Pericardium-Based Bioprosthetic Materials in Xenotransplantation and Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article Human placental-derived stem cell therapy ameliorates experimental necrotizing enterocolitis.
Academic Article Methods to generate tissue-derived constructs for regenerative medicine applications.
Academic Article Transport of ultrasmall gold nanoparticles (2 nm) across the blood-brain barrier in a six-cell brain spheroid model.
Academic Article Sensitive and reliable evaluation of single-cut sgRNAs to restore dystrophin by a GFP-reporter assay.
Academic Article Opportunities and challenges of translational 3D bioprinting.
Academic Article ECM concentration and cell-mediated traction forces play a role in vascular network assembly in 3D bioprinted tissue.
Academic Article Probing prodrug metabolism and reciprocal toxicity with an integrated and humanized multi-tissue organ-on-a-chip platform.
Academic Article Regen med therapeutic opportunities for fighting COVID-19.
Academic Article Ultrasmall gold nanoparticles (2 nm) can penetrate and enter cell nuclei in an in vitro 3D brain spheroid model.
Academic Article Multicellular 3D Neurovascular Unit Model for Assessing Hypoxia and Neuroinflammation Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction.
Academic Article Drug compound screening in single and integrated multi-organoid body-on-a-chip systems.
Academic Article Three-Dimensional Renal Organoids from Whole Kidney Cells: Generation, Optimization, and Potential Application in Nephrotoxicology In Vitro.
Academic Article 3D scaffold-free microlivers with drug metabolic function generated by lineage-reprogrammed hepatocytes from human fibroblasts.
Academic Article Most-read articles 2019: A year of noteworthy research.
Academic Article Stromal cells from perinatal and adult sources modulate the inflammatory immune response in vitro by decreasing Th1 cell proliferation and cytokine secretion.
Academic Article CRISPR/Cas9 increases mitotic gene conversion in human cells.
Academic Article 3-D Human Renal Tubular Organoids Generated from Urine-Derived Stem Cells for Nephrotoxicity Screening.
Academic Article Enhanced method to select human oogonial stem cells for fertility research.
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