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Academic Article Cell cycle checkpoint function in bladder cancer.
Academic Article Therapeutic cloning and tissue engineering.
Academic Article GeneChips in stem cell research.
Academic Article GeneChip analysis of human embryonic stem cell differentiation into hemangioblasts: an in silico dissection of mixed phenotypes.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cells can integrate and differentiate into epithelial lung lineages.
Academic Article Valproic acid confers functional pluripotency to human amniotic fluid stem cells in a transgene-free approach.
Academic Article Safeguarding pluripotent stem cells for cell therapy with a non-viral, non-integrating episomal suicide construct.
Academic Article Pancreatic tumor growth is regulated by the balance between positive and negative modulators of angiogenesis.
Academic Article Tissue engineering applications of therapeutic cloning.
Academic Article Propagation, expansion, and multilineage differentiation of human somatic stem cells from dermal progenitors.
Academic Article A method to improve cellular content for corporal tissue engineering.
Academic Article Re: akt-mediated phosphorylation of Bmi1 modulates its oncogenic potential, e3 ligase activity, and DNA damage repair activity in mouse prostate cancer.
Concept DNA Damage
Concept DNA
Concept DNA, Mitochondrial
Concept DNA, Intergenic
Concept DNA Primers
Concept DNA Mismatch Repair
Concept DNA Mutational Analysis
Concept DNA Methylation
Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept DNA-Binding Proteins
Concept DNA Repair
Academic Article Re: The long noncoding RNA SChLAP1 promotes aggressive prostate cancer and antagonizes the SWI/SNF complex.
Academic Article Re: Brain Feminization Requires Active Repression of Masculinization via DNA Methylation.
Academic Article Re: A Feedback Regulation between miR-145 and DNA Methyltransferase 3b in Prostate Cancer Cell and Their Responses to Irradiation.
Academic Article Re: Bone Metastasis in Prostate Cancer: Recurring Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Reveals Selective Pressure Exerted by the Bone Microenvironment.
Academic Article * Tissue-Specific Extracellular Matrix Enhances Skeletal Muscle Precursor Cell Expansion and Differentiation for Potential Application in Cell Therapy.
Academic Article Re: Immunogenomic Analyses Associate Immunological Alterations with Mismatch Repair Defects in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: An Aberrant SREBP-Dependent Lipogenic Program Promotes Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: E-Cigarette Smoke Damages DNA and Reduces Repair Activity in Mouse Lung, Heart, and Bladder as Well as in Human Lung and Bladder Cells.
Academic Article Re: Genetic Variation in the SIM1 Locus is Associated with Erectile Dysfunction.
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