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Academic Article Autologous penile corpora cavernosa replacement using tissue engineering techniques.
Academic Article A novel use of centrifugal force for cell seeding into porous scaffolds.
Academic Article Prospects for engineering the urinary tract.
Academic Article Isolation of amniotic stem cell lines with potential for therapy.
Academic Article Engineering tissues, organs and cells.
Academic Article Bioreactor maintained living skin matrix.
Academic Article Optimization of human skeletal muscle precursor cell culture and myofiber formation in vitro.
Academic Article Stem cell sources to treat diabetes.
Academic Article Whole organ decellularization - a tool for bioscaffold fabrication and organ bioengineering.
Academic Article Differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into bladder cells: potential for urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Bilayered scaffold for engineering cellularized blood vessels.
Academic Article Three-dimensional culture of hepatocytes on porcine liver tissue-derived extracellular matrix.
Academic Article Airway tissue engineering.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells as a cell source for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Bioengineered vascular access maintains structural integrity in response to arteriovenous flow and repeated needle puncture.
Academic Article Complex heterogeneous tissue constructs containing multiple cell types prepared by inkjet printing technology.
Academic Article MYC gene delivery to adult mouse utricles stimulates proliferation of postmitotic supporting cells in vitro.
Academic Article Engineering complex tissues.
Academic Article Engineering of vaginal tissue in vivo.
Academic Article Controlled fabrication of a biological vascular substitute.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid and placental stem cells.
Academic Article In-vitro reconstitution of three-dimensional human salivary gland tissue structures.
Academic Article Smart biomaterials design for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Sources of stem cells for regenerative medicine.
Academic Article A method to improve cellular content for corporal tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tissue engineering a complete vaginal replacement from a small biopsy of autologous tissue.
Academic Article In vitro generation of three-dimensional renal structures.
Academic Article Producing organs in the laboratory.
Academic Article Myogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on a 3D nano fibrous scaffold for bladder tissue engineering.
Academic Article Osteogenic differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells induced by bone morphogenetic protein-7 and enhanced by nanofibrous scaffolds.
Academic Article In vitro reconstitution of human kidney structures for renal cell therapy.
Academic Article Tissue specific synthetic ECM hydrogels for 3-D in vitro maintenance of hepatocyte function.
Academic Article Urothelial cell culture: stratified urothelial sheet and three-dimensional growth of urothelial structure.
Academic Article Substrate elasticity controls cell proliferation, surface marker expression and motile phenotype in amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article The effect of in vitro formation of acetylcholine receptor (AChR) clusters in engineered muscle fibers on subsequent innervation of constructs in vivo.
Concept Tissue Culture Techniques
Concept Cell Culture Techniques
Concept Organ Culture Techniques
Concept Culture Techniques
Academic Article Urothelial cell culture.
Academic Article Engineered small diameter vascular grafts by combining cell sheet engineering and electrospinning technology.
Academic Article Pdx1 and controlled culture conditions induced differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells to insulin-producing clusters.
Academic Article Bioengineered multilayered human corneas from discarded human corneal tissue.
Academic Article Bioprinted Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article A liver-on-a-chip platform with bioprinted hepatic spheroids.
Academic Article Kidney diseases and tissue engineering.
Academic Article In Vitro Spermatogenesis: How Far from Clinical Application?
Academic Article Comparative study of different seeding methods based on a multilayer SIS scaffold: Which is the optimal procedure for urethral tissue engineering?
Academic Article The effect of collagen hydrogel on 3D culture of ovarian follicles.
Academic Article Three-dimensional testicular organoid: a novel tool for the study of human spermatogenesis and gonadotoxicity in vitro.
Academic Article Bladder Organoids and Spheroids: Potential Tools for Normal and Diseased Tissue Modelling.
Academic Article Probing prodrug metabolism and reciprocal toxicity with an integrated and humanized multi-tissue organ-on-a-chip platform.
Academic Article Drug compound screening in single and integrated multi-organoid body-on-a-chip systems.
Academic Article Three-Dimensional Renal Organoids from Whole Kidney Cells: Generation, Optimization, and Potential Application in Nephrotoxicology In Vitro.
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