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Academic Article College students' exposure to secondhand smoke.
Academic Article Are college student smokers really a homogeneous group? a latent class analysis of college student smokers.
Academic Article Do early smoking experiences count in development of smoking?: temporal stability and predictive validity of an early smoking experience questionnaire in adolescents.
Academic Article The development and validation of a scale assessing individual schemas used in classifying a smoker: implications for research and practice.
Concept Nicotine
Academic Article E-cigarette availability and promotion among retail outlets near college campuses in two southeastern states.
Academic Article The Impact of Trying Electronic Cigarettes on Cigarette Smoking by College Students: A Prospective Analysis.
Academic Article Assessing and Predicting Susceptibility to Waterpipe Tobacco Use Among College Students.
Academic Article Electronic Cigarette Trial and Use among Young Adults: Reasons for Trial and Cessation of Vaping.
Academic Article Electronic Cigarette Use Among High School Students and Its Association With Cigarette Use And Smoking Cessation, North Carolina Youth Tobacco Surveys, 2011 and 2013.
Academic Article E-cigarettes, Hookah Pens and Vapes: Adolescent and Young Adult Perceptions of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.
Academic Article Adolescents' and Young Adults' Knowledge and Beliefs About Constituents in Novel Tobacco Products.
Grant Tobacco Use during the Transition to Adulthood
Academic Article Consumers' Preferences for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Product Features: A Structured Content Analysis.
Academic Article Availability and Placement of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems at the Point-of-Sale.
Academic Article Establishing consensus on survey measures for electronic nicotine and non-nicotine delivery system use: Current challenges and considerations for researchers.
Academic Article Adolescents' receptivity to E-cigarette harms messages delivered using text messaging.
Academic Article Polytobacco Use Among a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescent and Young Adult E-Cigarette Users.
Academic Article The Role of Knowledge and Risk Beliefs in Adolescent E-Cigarette Use: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Health claims made in vape shops: an observational study and content analysis.
Academic Article Adolescents' first tobacco products: Associations with current multiple tobacco product use.
Academic Article Adverse symptoms users attribute to e-cigarettes: Results from a national survey of US adults.
Academic Article Who Is Exposed to E-Cigarette Advertising and Where? Differences between Adolescents, Young Adults and Older Adults.
Academic Article Research on Youth and Young Adult Tobacco Use, 2013-2018, From the Food and Drug Administration-National Institutes of Health Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science.
Academic Article Optimizing Warnings on E-Cigarette Advertisements.
Grant Communicating Waterpipe Tobacco Harms to Reduce Use among Young Adults
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