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Academic Article Flutter discrimination: neural codes, perception, memory and decision making.
Academic Article Tracking the temporal evolution of a perceptual judgment using a compelled-response task.
Academic Article So many choices: what computational models reveal about decision-making mechanisms.
Academic Article Prior and prejudice.
Academic Article Neural coding and perceptual detection in the primate somatosensory thalamus.
Concept Form Perception
Concept Motion Perception
Concept Touch Perception
Concept Perception
Academic Article Perceptual modulation of motor--but not visual--responses in the frontal eye field during an urgent-decision task.
Academic Article Task dependence of decision- and choice-related activity in monkey oculomotor thalamus.
Academic Article Neural correlates of working memory development in adolescent primates.
Grant CRCNS investigating perceptual processing speed and its impact on choice behavior
Academic Article A model of multiplicative neural responses in parietal cortex.
Academic Article Invariant visual responses from attentional gain fields.
Academic Article Touch and go: decision-making mechanisms in somatosensation.
Academic Article Coordinate transformations in the visual system: how to generate gain fields and what to compute with them.
Academic Article [Neural codes for perception].
Academic Article Sensing and deciding in the somatosensory system.
Academic Article Do simple cells in primary visual cortex form a tight frame?
Academic Article Saccadic inhibition interrupts ongoing oculomotor activity to enable the rapid deployment of alternate movement plans.
Grant A computational framework for attention during urgent choices
Academic Article Voluntary and involuntary contributions to perceptually guided saccadic choices resolved with millisecond precision.
Academic Article All-or-None Context Dependence Delineates Limits of FEF Visual Target Selection.
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