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Academic Article Total antioxidant capacity following extrinsic denervation and small intestinal transplantation in the rat.
Academic Article The bioartificial pancreas: progress and challenges.
Academic Article Effect of alginate composition and gelling cation on micro-bead swelling.
Academic Article Fibroblast growth factor-1 (FGF-1) loaded microbeads enhance local capillary neovascularization.
Academic Article Design of a bioartificial pancreas(+).
Academic Article Immunoisolation techniques for islet cell transplantation.
Academic Article Polyvinyl pyrrolidone: a novel cryoprotectant in islet cell cryopreservation.
Academic Article Characteristics of Poly-L-Ornithine-coated alginate microcapsules.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to solid organ transplantation: current status and future challenges.
Academic Article A three-dimensional microfluidic approach to scaling up microencapsulation of cells.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to general surgery.
Academic Article Immunoisolation: where regenerative medicine meets solid organ transplantation.
Academic Article Microencapsulation of pancreatic islets for use in a bioartificial pancreas.
Concept Pancreas Transplantation
Concept Corneal Transplantation
Concept Liver Transplantation
Concept Organ Transplantation
Concept Transplantation Immunology
Concept Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation
Concept Kidney Transplantation
Concept Cell Transplantation
Concept Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
Academic Article Design of a bioartificial pancreas.
Academic Article Effects of allogeneic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cell therapy on voiding function in a rat model of Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Long-term function of islets encapsulated in a redesigned alginate microcapsule construct in omentum pouches of immune-competent diabetic rats.
Academic Article Evolution of Islet Transplantation for the Last 30 Years.
Academic Article Microfluidic Approach to Cell Microencapsulation.
Academic Article Polymeric Materials for Perm-Selective Coating of Alginate Microbeads.
Academic Article Determination of the Mechanical Strength of Microcapsules.
Academic Article Retrieval of Microencapsulated Islet Grafts for Post-transplant Evaluation.
Academic Article A Method of Porcine Pancreatic Islet Isolation for Microencapsulation.
Academic Article Selective Osmotic Shock (SOS)-Based Islet Isolation for Microencapsulation.
Academic Article In Vitro Proliferation of Porcine Pancreatic Islet Cells for ß-Cell Therapy Applications.
Grant Bioengineering A Bioartificial Pancreas
Academic Article Applications of particulate oxygen-generating substances (POGS) in the bioartificial pancreas.
Academic Article In vivo transplantation of 3D encapsulated ovarian constructs in rats corrects abnormalities of ovarian failure.
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