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Academic Article Vesicular stomatitis virus infection alters the eIF4F translation initiation complex and causes dephosphorylation of the eIF4E binding protein 4E-BP1.
Academic Article Antiviral activity and RNA polymerase degradation following Hsp90 inhibition in a range of negative strand viruses.
Academic Article Early steps of the virus replication cycle are inhibited in prostate cancer cells resistant to oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus.
Academic Article Variation in susceptibility of human malignant melanomas to oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus.
Academic Article Inhibition of host and viral translation during vesicular stomatitis virus infection. eIF2 is responsible for the inhibition of viral but not host translation.
Academic Article Preferential translation of vesicular stomatitis virus mRNAs is conferred by transcription from the viral genome.
Academic Article Plasma membrane microdomains containing vesicular stomatitis virus M protein are separate from microdomains containing G protein and nucleocapsids.
Academic Article hnRNPs Relocalize to the cytoplasm following infection with vesicular stomatitis virus.
Academic Article Protection against lethal vaccinia virus challenge by using an attenuated matrix protein mutant vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine vector expressing poxvirus antigens.
Concept Viral Proteins
Academic Article The border-to-border distribution method for analysis of cytoplasmic particles and organelles.
Academic Article Migration of Nucleocapsids in Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Infected Cells Is Dependent on both Microtubules and Actin Filaments.
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