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Academic Article Organization of the vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein into membrane microdomains occurs independently of intracellular viral components.
Academic Article A novel method for analysis of membrane microdomains: vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein microdomains change in size during infection, and those outside of budding sites resemble sites of virus budding.
Academic Article Pseudotypes of vesicular stomatitis virus with CD4 formed by clustering of membrane microdomains during budding.
Academic Article Assembly of arenavirus envelope glycoprotein GPC in detergent-soluble membrane microdomains.
Academic Article Ligand binding promotes the entropy-driven oligomerization of integrin alpha IIb beta 3.
Academic Article The disintegrin echistatin stabilizes integrin alphaIIbbeta3's open conformation and promotes its oligomerization.
Academic Article Plasma membrane microdomains containing vesicular stomatitis virus M protein are separate from microdomains containing G protein and nucleocapsids.
Academic Article Protection against lethal vaccinia virus challenge by using an attenuated matrix protein mutant vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine vector expressing poxvirus antigens.
Concept Membrane Glycoproteins
Concept Glycoproteins
Concept Platelet Glycoprotein GPIIb-IIIa Complex
Academic Article The border-to-border distribution method for analysis of cytoplasmic particles and organelles.
Grant Assembly of enveloped viruses
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