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Academic Article Yoga & cancer interventions: a review of the clinical significance of patient reported outcomes for cancer survivors.
Concept Survivors
Academic Article Characteristics associated with the use of complementary health approaches among long-term cancer survivors.
Academic Article Implementing yoga therapy adapted for older veterans who are cancer survivors.
Academic Article Trajectories of Posttraumatic Growth and Associated Characteristics in Women with Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Depression and quality of life before and after breast cancer diagnosis in older women from the Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Physical Functioning among Women 80 Years of Age and Older With and Without a Cancer History.
Academic Article Work-related perceptions and quality of life among breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Effect of Intensive Chemotherapy on Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Health of Older Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Academic Article Implementing Yoga Therapy Adapted for Older Veterans Who Are Cancer Survivors.
Grant A Stepped-Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors
Grant Work Ability in Young Adult Surviviors (WAYS): A Quantitative Investigation
Grant Reducing Lung Cancer Survivor Anxiety (RELAX) with Brief Device-Guided Breathing
Grant Posttraumatic Growth in Breast Cancer Survivors
Academic Article Yoga for symptom management in oncology: A review of the evidence base and future directions for research.
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