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Academic Article Adherence to postacute rehabilitation guidelines is associated with functional recovery in stroke.
Academic Article Structure, process, and outcomes in stroke rehabilitation.
Academic Article Physical and social functioning after stroke: comparison of the Stroke Impact Scale and Short Form-36.
Academic Article Rasch analysis of a new stroke-specific outcome scale: the Stroke Impact Scale.
Academic Article Gains in distance walking in a 3-month follow-up poststroke: what changes?
Academic Article Improvements in speed-based gait classifications are meaningful.
Academic Article Multicenter randomized trial of robot-assisted rehabilitation for chronic stroke: methods and entry characteristics for VA ROBOTICS.
Academic Article Robot-assisted therapy for long-term upper-limb impairment after stroke.
Academic Article Fugl-Meyer assessment of sensorimotor function after stroke: standardized training procedure for clinical practice and clinical trials.
Academic Article Characterizing and identifying risk for falls in the LEAPS study: a randomized clinical trial of interventions to improve walking poststroke.
Academic Article Transition of care for acute stroke and myocardial infarction patients: from hospitalization to rehabilitation, recovery, and secondary prevention.
Academic Article Promoting neuroplasticity and recovery after stroke: future directions for rehabilitation clinical trials.
Academic Article Effects of task-specific and impairment-based training compared with usual care on functional walking ability after inpatient stroke rehabilitation: LEAPS Trial.
Academic Article Persisting consequences of stroke measured by the Stroke Impact Scale.
Academic Article Stroke recovery and rehabilitation research.
Academic Article Performance of a mail-administered version of a stroke-specific outcome measure, the Stroke Impact Scale.
Academic Article Length of stay, functional outcome, and mortality following medical rehabilitation.
Academic Article Daily functioning and quality of life in a randomized controlled trial of therapeutic exercise for subacute stroke survivors.
Academic Article Coordination of hemiparetic locomotion after stroke rehabilitation.
Academic Article Effects of stroke severity and training duration on locomotor recovery after stroke: a pilot study.
Academic Article Dimensionality and construct validity of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment of the upper extremity.
Academic Article Rate of isometric knee extension strength development and walking speed after stroke.
Academic Article Protocol for the Locomotor Experience Applied Post-stroke (LEAPS) trial: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Longitudinal stability of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment of the upper extremity.
Academic Article Health-related quality of life after tricompartment knee arthroplasty with and without an extended-duration continuous femoral nerve block: a prospective, 1-year follow-up of a randomized, triple-masked, placebo-controlled study.
Academic Article Meaningful gait speed improvement during the first 60 days poststroke: minimal clinically important difference.
Academic Article Stroke: working toward a prioritized world agenda.
Concept Recovery of Function
Academic Article Rasch analysis staging methodology to classify upper extremity movement impairment after stroke.
Academic Article Adherence to accelerometry measurement of community ambulation poststroke.
Academic Article Prediction of responders for outcome measures of locomotor Experience Applied Post Stroke trial.
Academic Article Concordance and discordance between measured and perceived balance and the effect on gait speed and falls following stroke.
Academic Article Dimensionality and Item-Difficulty Hierarchy of the Lower Extremity Fugl-Meyer Assessment in Individuals With Subacute and Chronic Stroke.
Academic Article The Effects of Stroke Type, Locus, and Extent on Long-Term Outcome of Gait Rehabilitation: The LEAPS Experience.
Academic Article The Interface of Clinical Decision-Making With Study Protocols for Knowledge Translation From a Walking Recovery Trial.
Academic Article Locomotor Training and Strength and Balance Exercises for Walking Recovery After Stroke: Response to Number of Training Sessions.
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