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Academic Article Closing the mind's eye: deactivation of visual cortex related to auditory task difficulty.
Academic Article Effect of resting-state functional MR imaging duration on stability of graph theory metrics of brain network connectivity.
Academic Article Influence of type 2 diabetes on brain volumes and changes in brain volumes: results from the Women's Health Initiative Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies.
Academic Article Classification of structural MRI images in Alzheimer's disease from the perspective of ill-posed problems.
Academic Article Estimation of false discovery rates for wavelet-denoised statistical parametric maps.
Academic Article Aging and the interaction of sensory cortical function and structure.
Academic Article The impact of temporal regularization on estimates of the BOLD hemodynamic response function: a comparative analysis.
Academic Article Evaluating the impact of spatio-temporal smoothness constraints on the BOLD hemodynamic response function estimation: an analysis based on Tikhonov regularization.
Academic Article Application of machine learning methods to describe the effects of conjugated equine estrogens therapy on region-specific brain volumes.
Concept Magnetics
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease risk assessment using large-scale machine learning methods.
Academic Article Obesity and Structural Brain Integrity in Older Women: The Women's Health Initiative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.
Academic Article Relative differences in resting-state brain connectivity associated with long term intensive lifestyle intervention.
Academic Article Using high-dimensional machine learning methods to estimate an anatomical risk factor for Alzheimer's disease across imaging databases.
Academic Article MIT image reconstruction based on edge-preserving regularization.
Academic Article A quantitative algorithm for parameter estimation in magnetic induction tomography
Academic Article Particulate matter and episodic memory decline mediated by early neuroanatomic biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease.
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