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Academic Article Classification of structural MRI images in Alzheimer's disease from the perspective of ill-posed problems.
Academic Article High dimensional classification of structural MRI Alzheimer's disease data based on large scale regularization.
Concept Alzheimer Disease
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease risk assessment using large-scale machine learning methods.
Academic Article Blood metabolite markers of preclinical Alzheimer's disease in two longitudinally followed cohorts of older individuals.
Academic Article Metabolic network failures in Alzheimer's disease: A biochemical roadĀ map.
Academic Article Evidence for brain glucose dysregulation in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Brain and blood metabolite signatures of pathology and progression in Alzheimer disease: A targeted metabolomics study.
Academic Article Using high-dimensional machine learning methods to estimate an anatomical risk factor for Alzheimer's disease across imaging databases.
Academic Article Investigating Predictors of Cognitive Decline Using Machine Learning.
Grant Regional Neurotoxicity & Early Biomarkers of Air Pollution Effects on Brain Aging
Academic Article Alpha-2 macroglobulin in Alzheimer's disease: a marker of neuronal injury through the RCAN1 pathway.
Academic Article A candidate gene study of risk for dementia in older, postmenopausal women: Results from the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study.
Grant Novel biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer's Disease
Academic Article Analysis of pleiotropic genetic effects on cognitive impairment, systemic inflammation, and plasma lipids in the Health and Retirement Study.
Academic Article Particulate matter and episodic memory decline mediated by early neuroanatomic biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease.
Grant Developing Biomarkers for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Academic Article Blood-based bioenergetic profiling reveals differences in mitochondrial function associated with cognitive performance and Alzheimer's disease.
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