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Academic Article Characterization of the severe asthma phenotype by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Determinants of exhaled breath condensate pH in a large population with asthma.
Academic Article Association of a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33 (ADAM33) gene with asthma in ethnically diverse populations.
Academic Article A comprehensive evaluation of IL4 variants in ethnically diverse populations: association of total serum IgE levels and asthma in white subjects.
Academic Article Severe asthma: an overview.
Academic Article Sequence, haplotype, and association analysis of ADRbeta2 in a multiethnic asthma case-control study.
Academic Article Lung function in adults with stable but severe asthma: air trapping and incomplete reversal of obstruction with bronchodilation.
Academic Article Identification of asthma phenotypes using cluster analysis in the Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Use of exhaled nitric oxide measurement to identify a reactive, at-risk phenotype among patients with asthma.
Academic Article Analyses of asthma severity phenotypes and inflammatory proteins in subjects stratified by sputum granulocytes.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: an association modified by age of asthma onset.
Academic Article The IL6R variation Asp(358)Ala is a potential modifier of lung function in subjects with asthma.
Academic Article An association between L-arginine/asymmetric dimethyl arginine balance, obesity, and the age of asthma onset phenotype.
Concept Phenotype
Academic Article The natural history of asthma phenotypes identified by cluster analysis. Looking for chutes and ladders.
Academic Article Clinical heterogeneity in the severe asthma research program.
Academic Article Sputum neutrophil counts are associated with more severe asthma phenotypes using cluster analysis.
Academic Article Asthma heterogeneity and severity-why is comprehensive phenotyping important?
Academic Article An Official American Thoracic Society Workshop Report: Evaluation and Management of Asthma in the Elderly.
Grant Longitudinal Phenomics and Genetics of Severe Asthma
Academic Article Phenotype-Driven Therapeutics in Severe Asthma.
Academic Article The Many "Buckets" of Severe Asthma: Moving Toward Personalized Management.
Academic Article Severe Asthma Phenotypes - How Should They Guide Evaluation and Treatment?
Academic Article Multiview Cluster Analysis Identifies Variable Corticosteroid Response Phenotypes in Severe Asthma.
Academic Article Three Major Efforts to Phenotype Asthma: Severe Asthma Research Program, Asthma Disease Endotyping for Personalized Therapeutics, and Unbiased Biomarkers for the Prediction of Respiratory Disease Outcome.
Grant Immunometabolic phenotypes in adult severe asthma and disease progression
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