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Academic Article A Bayesian model unifies multisensory spatial localization with the physiological properties of the superior colliculus.
Academic Article A model of the neural mechanisms underlying multisensory integration in the superior colliculus.
Academic Article A neural network model of multisensory integration also accounts for unisensory integration in superior colliculus.
Academic Article Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus requires synergy among corticocollicular inputs.
Academic Article Adult plasticity in multisensory neurons: short-term experience-dependent changes in the superior colliculus.
Academic Article Initiating the development of multisensory integration by manipulating sensory experience.
Academic Article Semantic confusion regarding the development of multisensory integration: a practical solution.
Academic Article Incorporating cross-modal statistics in the development and maintenance of multisensory integration.
Academic Article Multisensory integration shortens physiological response latencies.
Academic Article The differing impact of multisensory and unisensory integration on behavior.
Academic Article Alterations to multisensory and unisensory integration by stimulus competition.
Concept Photic Stimulation
Academic Article Noise-rearing disrupts the maturation of multisensory integration.
Academic Article Brief cortical deactivation early in life has long-lasting effects on multisensory behavior.
Academic Article Relative unisensory strength and timing predict their multisensory product.
Academic Article Multisensory Plasticity in Superior Colliculus Neurons is Mediated by Association Cortex.
Academic Article The normal environment delays the development of multisensory integration.
Academic Article Cross-Modal Competition: The Default Computation for Multisensory Processing.
Academic Article Interhemispheric visual competition after multisensory reversal of hemianopia.
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