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Concept Carboxylic Ester Hydrolases
Academic Article Cocaine esterase: interactions with cocaine and immune responses in mice.
Academic Article The fate of bacterial cocaine esterase (CocE): an in vivo study of CocE-mediated cocaine hydrolysis, CocE pharmacokinetics, and CocE elimination.
Academic Article Repeated administration of a mutant cocaine esterase: effects on plasma cocaine levels, cocaine-induced cardiovascular activity, and immune responses in rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Cocaine esterase prevents cocaine-induced toxicity and the ongoing intravenous self-administration of cocaine in rats.
Academic Article Amelioration of the cardiovascular effects of cocaine in rhesus monkeys by a long-acting mutant form of cocaine esterase.
Academic Article Effects of a long-acting mutant bacterial cocaine esterase on acute cocaine toxicity in rats.
Academic Article Subunit stabilization and polyethylene glycolation of cocaine esterase improves in vivo residence time.
Academic Article Long-lasting effects of a PEGylated mutant cocaine esterase (CocE) on the reinforcing and discriminative stimulus effects of cocaine in rats.
Academic Article Thermostable variants of cocaine esterase for long-time protection against cocaine toxicity.
Academic Article Effects of cocaine esterase following its repeated administration with cocaine in mice.
Academic Article PEGylation of bacterial cocaine esterase for protection against protease digestion and immunogenicity.
Academic Article Structural analysis of thermostabilizing mutations of cocaine esterase.
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