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Academic Article Computerized segmentation and measurement of chronic wound images.
Academic Article A general framework for the segmentation of follicular lymphoma virtual slides.
Academic Article Partitioning histopathological images: an integrated framework for supervised color-texture segmentation and cell splitting.
Academic Article An automated method to segment the femur for osteoarthritis research.
Academic Article An automated method to detect interstitial adipose tissue in thigh muscles for patients with osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Computer-assisted grading of neuroblastic differentiation.
Academic Article Lung nodule detection on thoracic computed tomography images: preliminary evaluation of a computer-aided diagnosis system.
Academic Article Developing the Quantitative Histopathology Image Ontology (QHIO): A case study using the hot spot detection problem.
Academic Article Adaptive discriminant wavelet packet transform and local binary patterns for meningioma subtype classification.
Academic Article Image analysis for neuroblastoma classification: segmentation of cell nuclei.
Academic Article Heterogeneity assessment of histological tissue sections in whole slide images.
Academic Article Computer-assisted quantification of CD3+ T cells in follicular lymphoma.
Academic Article Computerized classification of intraductal breast lesions using histopathological images.
Academic Article Extraction of color features in the spectral domain to recognize centroblasts in histopathology.
Academic Article Computer-aided classification of centroblast cells in follicular lymphoma.
Academic Article Image analysis for cystic fibrosis: automatic lung airway wall and vessel measurement on CT images.
Academic Article Nuclear IHC enumeration: A digital phantom to evaluate the performance of automated algorithms in digital pathology.
Academic Article A multi-resolution textural approach to diagnostic neuropathology reporting.
Academic Article Digital pathology and artificial intelligence.
Academic Article OtoMatch: Content-based eardrum image retrieval using deep learning.

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