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Concept Brain Neoplasms
Academic Article Intracranial pseudolymphoma presenting with grand mal seizures.
Academic Article Impact of temozolomide on gonadal function in patients with primary malignant brain tumors.
Academic Article Chemotherapy for treatment of grade II gliomas.
Academic Article Steroid-responsive intracranial germinoma presenting as Holmes' tremor: importance of a tissue diagnosis.
Academic Article The Role of Glucose Modulation and Dietary Supplementation in Patients With Central Nervous System Tumors.
Academic Article The role of temozolomide in the management of patients with newly diagnosed anaplastic astrocytoma: a comparison of survival in the era prior to and following the availability of temozolomide.
Academic Article Impact of timing of radiotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.
Academic Article Glycemic modulation in neuro-oncology: experience and future directions using a modified Atkins diet for high-grade brain tumors.
Academic Article Leptomeningeal failure in patients with breast cancer receiving stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases.
Academic Article End of life care for glioblastoma patients at a large academic cancer center.
Academic Article Surgical Considerations in the Optimal Management of Patients with Malignant Brain Tumors.
Academic Article Meeting Update-Society for Neuro-Oncology 2017 Annual Meeting.
Academic Article Effect of ketogenic diets on leukocyte counts in patients with epilepsy.
Academic Article Precision Neuro-oncology: the Role of Genomic Testing in the Management of Adult and Pediatric Gliomas.
Academic Article Glioblastoma radiomics: can genomic and molecular characteristics correlate with imaging response patterns?
Grant Predicting Tumor Heterogeneity Evolution After Therapy In Patient-Derived Ex Vivo Glioblastoma Organoids
Academic Article Safety of pioglitazone during and after radiation therapy in patients with brain tumors: a phase I clinical trial.
Academic Article The consistency of neuropathological diagnoses in patients undergoing surgery for suspected recurrence of glioblastoma.
Academic Article Treatment of Radiation-Induced Cognitive Decline in Adult Brain Tumor Patients.
Academic Article Youmans and Winn Neurological Surgery

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