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Academic Article Arthroscopy and antibiotics.
Academic Article Shoulder instability: surgical versus nonsurgical treatment.
Academic Article Good time for a bad shoulder.
Academic Article Current concepts in wrist arthroscopy.
Academic Article Mundo grande: hip clinical diagnosis and journal translation.
Academic Article Keeping it short: evidence-based international systematic reviews, rotator cuff, knee posterolateral corner, and bupivacaine chondrocytotoxicity.
Academic Article Clinical relevance: eight shoulders and a knee.
Academic Article Shoulder arthroscopy: evolution of the revolution.
Academic Article Consensus statement on shoulder instability.
Academic Article In defense of case series: hip SCFE, shoulder instability and arthritis, double-bundle ACL cyclops lesions, and elbow OCD.
Academic Article Arthroscopic debridement for osteochondral injury of the elbow trochlea: a case report with a long-term follow-up.
Academic Article A novel process for optimizing musculoskeletal allograft tissue to improve safety, ultrastructural properties, and cell infiltration.
Academic Article Climbing the level of evidence ladder: prospective, comparative-effectiveness knee ACL and PCL research.
Academic Article Analysis of outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament repair with 5-year follow-up: allograft versus autograft.
Academic Article Glenohumeral thermal capsulorrhaphy is not recommended--shoulder chondrolysis requires additional research.
Academic Article Clinically relevant articles of high levels of evidence are required to change surgical practice.
Academic Article Osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral head.
Academic Article Extra! Extra! Read all about it: the features-shoulder stiffness, humerus greater tuberosity fractures, and hip arthroscopy.
Academic Article Diagnosis, safety, efficacy: hip and shoulder arthroscopy.
Academic Article Keeping up with the literature: knee ligament, wrist triangular fibrocartilage tear, and suture bridge rotator cuff technique questions.
Academic Article Two on the fast track: arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and subacromial decompression with coracoacromial ligament excision.
Academic Article Who among us should perform arthroscopic surgery of the hip?
Academic Article Shoulder, hip, knee, and PRP.
Academic Article Making sense of basic science in knee and shoulder research.
Academic Article Editors' note.
Academic Article AFAWCT shoulder CCR R 2G2BT.
Academic Article Let us go to the video: part II.
Academic Article Measuring orthopaedic outcome: shoulder outcome measures.
Concept Elbow Joint
Concept Knee Joint
Concept Wrist Joint
Concept Joint Instability
Concept Shoulder Joint
Concept Patellofemoral Joint
Concept Joint Diseases
Concept Acromioclavicular Joint
Concept Hip Joint
Academic Article Arthroscopy Techniques achieves PubMed Central citation, yet knee and shoulder outcome failures represent a challenge, and a presidential address prepares us for adversity.
Academic Article Association and impact of patellofemoral dysplasia on patellofemoral arthropathy and arthroplasty.
Academic Article Change: a constant in orthopaedics.
Academic Article Assessments of Fatty Infiltration and Muscle Atrophy From a Single Magnetic Resonance Image Slice Are Not Predictive of 3-Dimensional Measurements.
Academic Article Short-term outcomes of robotically assisted patello-femoral arthroplasty.
Academic Article Can self-report instruments of shoulder function capture functional differences in older adults with and without a rotator cuff tear?
Academic Article Editorial Commentary: Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Surgery Works, but Is Not Often Indicated.
Academic Article Editorial Commentary: Déjà Vu: Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Revisited.
Academic Article Modeling a rotator cuff tear: Individualized shoulder muscle forces influence glenohumeral joint contact force predictions.
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