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Academic Article Enhanced dihydropyridine receptor calcium channel activity restores muscle strength in JP45/CASQ1 double knockout mice.
Academic Article Role of sustained overexpression of central nervous system IGF-I in the age-dependent decline of mouse excitation-contraction coupling.
Academic Article Loss of skeletal muscle strength by ablation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum protein JP45.
Academic Article Endogenously determined restriction of food intake overcomes excitation-contraction uncoupling in JP45KO mice with aging.
Academic Article A critical role for muscle ring finger-1 in acute lung injury-associated skeletal muscle wasting.
Concept Muscle Strength
Academic Article Expression and regulation of excitation-contraction coupling proteins in aging skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Improved knee extensor strength with resistance training associates with muscle specific miRNAs in older adults.
Academic Article Effects of resistance training with and without caloric restriction on physical function and mobility in overweight and obese older adults: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Intramyocellular Lipid and Impaired Myofiber Contraction in Normal Weight and Obese Older Adults.
Academic Article Resistance Training Enhances Skeletal Muscle Innervation Without Modifying the Number of Satellite Cells or their Myofiber Association in Obese Older Adults.
Academic Article Relationship of Physical Function to Single Muscle Fiber Contractility in Older Adults: Effects of Resistance Training With and Without Caloric Restriction.

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