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Academic Article IL-13Ralpha2 is a glioma-restricted receptor for interleukin-13.
Academic Article Epigenetics in high-grade astrocytomas: opportunities for prevention and detection of brain tumors.
Academic Article Personalized, multivalent, and more affordable: the globalization of vaccines.
Academic Article Naturally occurring, unmodified bacterial toxin for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme?
Academic Article Drug cocktails for effective treatment of glioblastoma multiforme.
Academic Article Reoxygenation of hypoxic glioblastoma multiforme cells potentiates the killing effect of an interleukin-13-based cytotoxin.
Academic Article Convection-enhanced delivery to achieve widespread distribution of viral vectors: Predicting clinical implementation.
Academic Article Local treatment of brain tumors with targeted chimera cytotoxic proteins.
Academic Article Fos-related antigen 1 modulates malignant features of glioma cells.
Academic Article Polymorphisms associated with asthma are inversely related to glioblastoma multiforme.
Academic Article Interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2, EphA2, and Fos-related antigen 1 as molecular denominators of high-grade astrocytomas and specific targets for combinatorial therapy.
Academic Article Convection-enhanced delivery for the treatment of brain tumors.
Academic Article Gene therapy-mediated delivery of targeted cytotoxins for glioma therapeutics.
Academic Article Fos-related antigen 1 (Fra-1) pairing with and transactivation of JunB in GBM cells.
Academic Article An interleukin 13 receptor a 2-specific peptide homes to human Glioblastoma multiforme xenografts.
Academic Article Toward intracellular targeted delivery of cancer therapeutics: progress and clinical outlook for brain tumor therapy.
Academic Article A novel ligand delivery system to non-invasively visualize and therapeutically exploit the IL13Ra2 tumor-restricted biomarker.
Concept Brain Neoplasms
Academic Article New agents for targeting of IL-13RA2 expressed in primary human and canine brain tumors.
Academic Article Limited margins using modern radiotherapy techniques does not increase marginal failure rate of glioblastoma.
Academic Article Invited review--neuroimaging response assessment criteria for brain tumors in veterinary patients.
Academic Article Selective anti-tumor activity of the novel fluoropyrimidine polymer F10 towards G48a orthotopic GBM tumors.
Academic Article Comparison of clinical outcomes and genomic characteristics of single focus and multifocal glioblastoma.
Academic Article Ephs and Ephrins in malignant gliomas.
Academic Article Mechanisms regulating glioma invasion.
Academic Article Impact of systemic targeted agents on the clinical outcomes of patients with brain metastases.
Academic Article The gain-of-function GLI1 transcription factor TGLI1 enhances expression of VEGF-C and TEM7 to promote glioblastoma angiogenesis.
Academic Article Genomic predictors of patterns of progression in glioblastoma and possible influences on radiation field design.
Academic Article Treatment of brain metastases of lung cancer in the era of precision medicine.
Academic Article Impact of timing of radiotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.
Academic Article Identification of biomarkers for pseudo and true progression of GBM based on radiogenomics study.
Academic Article Simultaneous targeting of Eph receptors in glioblastoma.
Grant Ephrins and Cancer
Academic Article Expression and activity of the urokinase plasminogen activator system in canine primary brain tumors.
Academic Article IL13RA2 targeted alpha particle therapy against glioblastomas.
Academic Article Truncated Glioma-Associated Oncogene Homolog 1 (tGLI1) Mediates Mesenchymal Glioblastoma via Transcriptional Activation of CD44.
Academic Article Glioblastoma radiomics: can genomic and molecular characteristics correlate with imaging response patterns?
Academic Article Receptor-Targeted Glial Brain Tumor Therapies.

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