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keywords biological and chemical warfare agents
overview I am excited to return to Wake Forest University, where I earned undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry before completing a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Princeton University. After graduate school, I served as an Army officer for eight years, including a tour in Iraq. I accepted a DoD Principal Investigator position in 2010, where I built a large research program developing countermeasures for highly dangerous biological and chemical poisons affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as the cornea of the eye. In 2020, I accepted a faculty position at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), where I am (1) conducting fundamental studies to understand toxic mechanisms of diverse poisons at scales ranging from individual receptors to multi-organ physiological responses; (2) developing comprehensive therapies that mitigate toxicity and promote regeneration; and (3) exploiting WFIRM's unique capabilities to develop organoid models of complex diseases and toxic injuries. My research priorities are: 1. Investigate molecular, cellular and functional mechanisms underlying toxicity and regeneration, with the goal of applying new knowledge to treat and cure human disease 2. Expand scientific knowledge through creativity, excellence and rigor 3. Advance the next generation of scientists. A current list of publications is available at and
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