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keywords Digital pathology, deep learning, machine learning, computed aided diagnosis, image analysis
keywords Computational pathology, deep learning
keywords Self supervision, weakly supervised learning
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Academic Article Lung necrosis and neutrophils reflect common pathways of susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in genetically diverse, immune-competent mice.
Academic Article Histopathological image analysis for centroblasts classification through dimensionality reduction approaches.
Academic Article Identifying tumor in pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms from Ki67 images using transfer learning.
Academic Article DeepFocus: Detection of out-of-focus regions in whole slide digital images using deep learning.
Academic Article Digital pathology and artificial intelligence.
Award or Honor Receipt Best paper award
Academic Article Ros-NET: A deep convolutional neural network for automatic identification of rosacea lesions.
Academic Article OtoMatch: Content-based eardrum image retrieval using deep learning.
Academic Article Semantic segmentation to identify bladder layers from H&E Images.
Academic Article Velocity-image model for online signature verification.
Academic Article Automatic discovery of clinically interpretable imaging biomarkers for Mycobacterium tuberculosis supersusceptibility using deep learning.
Grant Development of machine learning algorithms to predict difficult airway management
Grant A Deep Learning Approach to Measure the Histological Similarity Between Real and Regenerated Tissue Sections
Grant Improving the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Through Deep Learning.
Academic Article Deep learning predicts gene expression as an intermediate data modality to identify susceptibility patterns in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected Diversity Outbred mice.
Academic Article Identification of difficult to intubate patients from frontal face images using an ensemble of deep learning models.
Academic Article Contrastive Multiple Instance Learning: An Unsupervised Framework for Learning Slide-Level Representations of Whole Slide Histopathology Images without Labels.
Academic Article Attention2majority: Weak multiple instance learning for regenerative kidney grading on whole slide images.
Academic Article Machine learning-based analytics of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption habit changes among United States healthcare workers.
Academic Article BCR-Net: A deep learning framework to predict breast cancer recurrence from histopathology images.
Academic Article Machine Learning Models for Predicting the Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Liver Metastases.
Academic Article An application of transfer learning to neutrophil cluster detection for tuberculosis: Efficient implementation with nonmetric multidimensional scaling and sampling.
Grant An ensemble deep learning model for tumor bud detection and risk stratification in colorectal carcinoma.
Grant Computer-assisted diagnosis of ear pathologies by combining digital otoscopy with complementary data using machine learning
Academic Article Author Correction: Machine learning-based analytics of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption habit changes among United States healthcare workers.
Academic Article Translating prognostic quantification of c-MYC and BCL2 from tissue microarrays to whole slide images in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma using deep learning.
Academic Article Attention2Minority: A salient instance inference-based multiple instance learning for classifying small lesions in whole slide images.
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