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Academic Article Tobacco intervention training: current efforts and gaps in US medical schools.
Academic Article Reliability of a Smoking Cessation Risk Factor Interview Scale (SCRFIS) for use with standardized patient instructors.
Academic Article Integrating evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions in free medical clinics: opportunities and challenges.
Academic Article Training and evaluating tobacco-specific standardized patient instructors.
Academic Article Availability of tobacco cessation services in free clinics.
Concept Smoking
Concept Smoking Cessation
Academic Article Motivational interviewing intervention with college student tobacco users: providers' beliefs and behaviors.
Academic Article Implementation and enforcement of tobacco bans in two prisons in North Carolina: a qualitative inquiry.
Academic Article Social will for tobacco control among the Hungarian public health workforce.
Academic Article Factors associated with quit attempts and quitting among Eastern Hungarian women who smoked at the time of pregnancy.
Academic Article Factors associated with tobacco smoking and the belief about weight control effect of smoking among Hungarian adolescents.
Academic Article Risk factors of preterm birth and low birth weight babies among Roma and non-Roma mothers: a population-based study.
Academic Article Use of electronic cigarettes and alternative tobacco products among Romanian adolescents.
Academic Article Intention to Experiment With E-Cigarettes in a Cross-Sectional Survey of Undergraduate University Students in Hungary.
Academic Article The Short-term Effects of ASPIRA: A Web-based, Multimedia Smoking Prevention Program for Adolescents in Romania: A Cluster Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Active Smoking and Associated Behavioural Risk Factors before and during Pregnancy - Prevalence and Attitudes among Newborns' Mothers in Mures County, Romania.
Grant Implementation and Dissemination of Tobacco Cessation Strategies in Free Clinics
Grant Increasing Capacity for Tobacco Research in Hungary
Grant Implementation of Smoking Cessation Services within NCI NCORP Community Sites with Organized Lung Cancer Screening Programs
Academic Article Circulating mutational portrait of cancer: manifestation of aggressive clonal events in both early and late stages.
Academic Article Susceptibility to cigarette smoking among middle and high school e-cigarette users in Canada.
Academic Article Mutational Landscapes of Smoking-Related Cancers in Caucasians and African Americans: Precision Oncology Perspectives at Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Academic Article Bidirectional associations of e-cigarette, conventional cigarette and waterpipe experimentation among adolescents: A cross-lagged model.
Academic Article A Qualitative Systematic Review of Cigarette Smoking Cessation Interventions for Persons Living with HIV.
Academic Article Continued smoking versus spontaneous quitting among pregnant women living in a high risk environment.
Academic Article Patterns of alternative tobacco product experimentation among ever smoker adolescents.
Academic Article A couples-focused intervention for smoking cessation during pregnancy: The study protocol of the Quit Together pilot randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Predictors of High Program Exposure Among Adolescents Participating in a Smoking Prevention Intervention in Romania.
Grant A Smartphone Intervention for Pregnancy Smoking Cessation with Peer Support
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