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Academic Article Multisensory versus unisensory integration: contrasting modes in the superior colliculus.
Academic Article A Bayesian model unifies multisensory spatial localization with the physiological properties of the superior colliculus.
Academic Article Cortex mediates multisensory but not unisensory integration in superior colliculus.
Academic Article A neural network model of multisensory integration also accounts for unisensory integration in superior colliculus.
Academic Article Tectonigral projections in the primate: a pathway for pre-attentive sensory input to midbrain dopaminergic neurons.
Academic Article Tracking the temporal evolution of a perceptual judgment using a compelled-response task.
Academic Article Incorporating cross-modal statistics in the development and maintenance of multisensory integration.
Academic Article Contextual modulation of central thalamic delay-period activity: representation of visual and saccadic goals.
Academic Article Evaluating the operations underlying multisensory integration in the cat superior colliculus.
Academic Article Alterations to multisensory and unisensory integration by stimulus competition.
Concept Visual Perception
Academic Article Perceptual modulation of motor--but not visual--responses in the frontal eye field during an urgent-decision task.
Academic Article Noise-rearing disrupts the maturation of multisensory integration.
Academic Article What does a neuron learn from multisensory experience?
Academic Article Vision: a moving hill for spatial updating on the fly.
Academic Article Task dependence of decision- and choice-related activity in monkey oculomotor thalamus.
Academic Article Neural correlates of working memory development in adolescent primates.
Grant 2015 Eye Movements GRC/GRS
Academic Article Saccadic inhibition interrupts ongoing oculomotor activity to enable the rapid deployment of alternate movement plans.
Academic Article Voluntary and involuntary contributions to perceptually guided saccadic choices resolved with millisecond precision.
Academic Article All-or-None Context Dependence Delineates Limits of FEF Visual Target Selection.
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