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Academic Article Age-related multisensory enhancement in a simple audiovisual detection task.
Academic Article Relating imaging indices of white matter integrity and volume in healthy older adults.
Academic Article Age-related increase in cross-sensory noise in resting and steady-state cerebral perfusion.
Academic Article Coping with brief periods of food restriction: mindfulness matters.
Academic Article Enhanced multisensory integration in older adults.
Academic Article Aging and the interaction of sensory cortical function and structure.
Academic Article Suppression of multisensory integration by modality-specific attention in aging.
Academic Article Preservation of crossmodal selective attention in healthy aging.
Academic Article A cognitive training intervention improves modality-specific attention in a randomized controlled trial of healthy older adults.
Academic Article Using network science to evaluate exercise-associated brain changes in older adults.
Concept Aging
Academic Article Aging brain from a network science perspective: something to be positive about?
Academic Article Drive for consumption, craving, and connectivity in the visual cortex during the imagery of desired food.
Academic Article Graph theory analysis of functional brain networks and mobility disability in older adults.
Academic Article Long-term moderate alcohol consumption does not exacerbate age-related cognitive decline in healthy, community-dwelling older adults.
Academic Article Corrigendum: Coping with brief periods of food restriction: mindfulness matters.
Academic Article Changes in brain network efficiency and working memory performance in aging.
Academic Article Global integration of the hot-state brain network of appetite predicts short term weight loss in older adult.
Academic Article A two-part mixed-effects modeling framework for analyzing whole-brain network data.
Academic Article Aging, the Central Nervous System, and Mobility in Older Adults: Neural Mechanisms of Mobility Impairment.
Grant The Effect of Aging on Cross-Modal Sensory Processing
Grant Training Multisensory Processing in Older Adults
Academic Article Beet Root Juice: An Ergogenic Aid for Exercise and the Aging Brain.
Grant Brain Networks and Mobility Function: B-NET
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