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Concept Neurotoxins
Concept Clostridium botulinum type A
Concept Clostridium botulinum type F
Concept Botulinum Toxins
Concept Clostridium botulinum
Academic Article Subtyping botulinum neurotoxins by sequential multiple endoproteases in-gel digestion coupled with mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Detection of botulinum neurotoxin A in a spiked milk sample with subtype identification through toxin proteomics.
Academic Article Discovery of a novel enzymatic cleavage site for botulinum neurotoxin F5.
Academic Article Studies on botulinum neurotoxins type /C1 and mosaic/DC using Endopep-MS and proteomics.
Academic Article De novo subtype and strain identification of botulinum neurotoxin type B through toxin proteomics.
Academic Article Extraction and inhibition of enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxins /B1, /B2, /B3, /B4, and /B5 by a panel of monoclonal anti-BoNT/B antibodies.
Academic Article Extraction of BoNT/A, /B, /E, and /F with a single, high affinity monoclonal antibody for detection of botulinum neurotoxin by Endopep-MS.
Academic Article Extraction and inhibition of enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxins/A1, /A2, and /A3 by a panel of monoclonal anti-BoNT/A antibodies.
Academic Article Quantification of botulinum neurotoxin serotypes A and B from serum using mass spectrometry.
Academic Article The use of Endopep-MS for the detection of botulinum toxins A, B, E, and F in serum and stool samples.
Academic Article Improved detection of botulinum neurotoxin serotype A by Endopep-MS through peptide substrate modification.
Academic Article Different substrate recognition requirements for cleavage of synaptobrevin-2 by Clostridium baratii and Clostridium botulinum type F neurotoxins.
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