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Concept User-Computer Interface
Concept Computers
Concept Fourier Analysis
Concept Computer Security
Concept Computer Communication Networks
Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Cluster Analysis
Concept Radiographic Image Enhancement
Concept Tomography, Spiral Computed
Concept Artificial Intelligence
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Medical Records Systems, Computerized
Concept Image Enhancement
Concept Computational Biology
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Concept Neural Networks (Computer)
Concept Molecular Imaging
Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Concept Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted
Concept Pathology, Surgical
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Pathology, Clinical
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer Graphics
Concept Pathology
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Concept Principal Component Analysis
Concept Decision Making, Computer-Assisted
Concept Phantoms, Imaging
Concept Discriminant Analysis
Concept Protein Array Analysis
Grant Pathology Image Informatics Platform for visualization, analysis and management
Grant Computer-based assessment of tumor microenvironment (TME) in Follicular Lymphoma
Grant OAMiner: Integrative Knowledge Anchored Hypothesis Discovery
Academic Article Computerized pathological image analysis for neuroblastoma prognosis.
Academic Article An Image Analysis Resource for Cancer Research: PIIP-Pathology Image Informatics Platform for Visualization, Analysis, and Management.
Academic Article Lung necrosis and neutrophils reflect common pathways of susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in genetically diverse, immune-competent mice.
Academic Article Computerized segmentation and measurement of chronic wound images.
Academic Article Special Section Guest Editorial: Digital Pathology.
Academic Article Applying knowledge-anchored hypothesis discovery methods to advance clinical and translational research: the OAMiner project.
Academic Article A general framework for the segmentation of follicular lymphoma virtual slides.
Academic Article Partitioning histopathological images: an integrated framework for supervised color-texture segmentation and cell splitting.
Academic Article Inter-reader variability in follicular lymphoma grading: Conventional and digital reading.
Academic Article An automated method to segment the femur for osteoarthritis research.
Academic Article An automated method to detect interstitial adipose tissue in thigh muscles for patients with osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Special issue on whole slide microscopic image processing.
Academic Article Barriers and facilitators to adoption of soft copy interpretation from the user perspective: Lessons learned from filmless radiology for slideless pathology.
Academic Article Computer-assisted grading of neuroblastic differentiation.
Academic Article Content-based microscopic image retrieval system for multi-image queries.
Academic Article Detection of follicles from IHC-stained slides of follicular lymphoma using iterative watershed.
Academic Article Microscopic image analysis for quantitative characterization of muscle fiber type composition.
Academic Article Automatic graph-cut based segmentation of bones from knee magnetic resonance images for osteoarthritis research.
Academic Article Classification of low resolution virtual slides from breast tumor sections: comparison between global and local analysis.
Academic Article Anatomically anchored template-based level set segmentation: application to quadriceps muscles in MR images from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Academic Article Advancing clinicopathologic diagnosis of high-risk neuroblastoma using computerized image analysis and proteomic profiling.
Academic Article Lung nodule detection on thoracic computed tomography images: preliminary evaluation of a computer-aided diagnosis system.
Academic Article Quantitative validation of anti-PTBP1 antibody for diagnostic neuropathology use: Image analysis approach.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection of centroblasts for follicular lymphoma grading using adaptive likelihood-based cell segmentation.
Academic Article Temporal analysis of tumor heterogeneity and volume for cervical cancer treatment outcome prediction: preliminary evaluation.
Academic Article VirtualPACS--a federating gateway to access remote image data resources over the grid.
Academic Article Mitosis detection in breast cancer histological images An ICPR 2012 contest.
Academic Article Advancing Clinicopathologic Diagnosis of High-risk Neuroblastoma Using Computerized Image Analysis and Proteomic Profiling.
Academic Article Histopathological image analysis: a review.
Academic Article Developing the Quantitative Histopathology Image Ontology (QHIO): A case study using the hot spot detection problem.
Academic Article Classification of follicular lymphoma: the effect of computer aid on pathologists grading.
Academic Article Histopathological image analysis for centroblasts classification through dimensionality reduction approaches.
Academic Article Optimal neural network architecture selection: improvement in computerized detection of microcalcifications.
Academic Article Feature-based registration of histopathology images with different stains: an application for computerized follicular lymphoma prognosis.
Academic Article Adaptive discriminant wavelet packet transform and local binary patterns for meningioma subtype classification.
Academic Article Image analysis for neuroblastoma classification: segmentation of cell nuclei.
Academic Article An Efficient Computational Framework for the Analysis of Whole Slide Images: Application to Follicular Lymphoma Immunohistochemistry.
Academic Article Biomedical imaging ontologies: A survey and proposal for future work.
Academic Article Vessel segmentation from abdominal magnetic resonance images: adaptive and reconstructive approach.
Academic Article Image analysis for cystic fibrosis: computer-assisted airway wall and vessel measurements from low-dose, limited scan lung CT images.
Academic Article GridIMAGE: a novel use of grid computing to support interactive human and computer-assisted detection decision support.
Academic Article Histopathological Image Analysis: Path to Acceptance through Evaluation.
Academic Article Computer-aided prognosis of neuroblastoma: detection of mitosis and karyorrhexis cells in digitized histological images.
Academic Article e-Science, caGrid, and Translational Biomedical Research.
Academic Article Heterogeneity assessment of histological tissue sections in whole slide images.
Academic Article Digital otoscopy versus microscopy: How correct and confident are ear experts in their diagnoses?
Academic Article Computer-assisted quantification of CD3+ T cells in follicular lymphoma.
Academic Article Stroma classification for neuroblastoma on graphics processors.
Academic Article Informatics in radiology: GridCAD: grid-based computer-aided detection system.
Academic Article Computerized classification of intraductal breast lesions using histopathological images.
Academic Article Massively Multithreaded Maxflow for Image Segmentation on the Cray XMT-2.
Academic Article A knowledge-anchored integrative image search and retrieval system.
Academic Article Extraction of color features in the spectral domain to recognize centroblasts in histopathology.
Academic Article Imaging mass spectrometry analysis for follicular lymphoma grading.
Academic Article Visually Meaningful Histopathological Features for Automatic Grading of Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Quantification of liver fat: A comprehensive review.
Academic Article Computer-aided classification of centroblast cells in follicular lymphoma.
Academic Article Automated fluorescent miscroscopic image analysis of PTBP1 expression in glioma.
Academic Article Image analysis for cystic fibrosis: automatic lung airway wall and vessel measurement on CT images.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnostics in digital pathology.
Academic Article Perceptual clustering for automatic hotspot detection from Ki-67-stained neuroendocrine tumour images.
Academic Article Detecting and characterizing cellular responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis from histology slides.
Grant Informatics Tools for Quantitative Digital Pathology Profiling and Integrated Prognostic Modeling
Academic Article Applying dynamic contrast enhanced MSOT imaging to intratumoral pharmacokinetic modeling.
Academic Article Nuclear IHC enumeration: A digital phantom to evaluate the performance of automated algorithms in digital pathology.
Academic Article Identifying tumor in pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms from Ki67 images using transfer learning.
Academic Article A multi-resolution textural approach to diagnostic neuropathology reporting.
Academic Article Optimized generation of high-resolution phantom images using cGAN: Application to quantification of Ki67 breast cancer images.
Academic Article Diagnosis of thyroid cancer using deep convolutional neural network models applied to sonographic images: a retrospective, multicohort, diagnostic study.
Grant Auto-Scope Software-Automated Otoscopy to Diagnose Ear Pathology
Academic Article Pathological image compression for big data image analysis: Application to hotspot detection in breast cancer.
Academic Article DeepFocus: Detection of out-of-focus regions in whole slide digital images using deep learning.
Academic Article Digital pathology and artificial intelligence.
Academic Article Relationship between the Ki67 index and its area based approximation in breast cancer.
Academic Article Ros-NET: A deep convolutional neural network for automatic identification of rosacea lesions.
Academic Article OtoMatch: Content-based eardrum image retrieval using deep learning.
Academic Article Semantic segmentation to identify bladder layers from H&E Images.
Academic Article Value of Public Challenges for the Development of Pathology Deep Learning Algorithms.
Academic Article Tumor Budding Detection System in Whole Slide Pathology Images.

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