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Stitzel Jr., JoelPerson Why?
Presence of Athletic Trainers in a Youth Football Organization: A Single Institution’s ExperienceAcademic Article Why?
Vanishing White Matter Disease Diagnosis After Athletic Concussion in an Adolescent Male Patient.Academic Article Why?
Bullock, GarrettPerson Why?
Characterizing head impact exposure in youth female soccer with a custom-instrumented mouthpiece.Academic Article Why?
Physical Performance Measures Correlate with Head Impact Exposure in Youth Football.Academic Article Why?
Hip internal and external rotation range of motion reliability in youth baseball players.Academic Article Why?
Moore, JustinPerson Why?
Variation in injury risk over the course of a two-day youth club soccer tournament.Academic Article Why?
Head impact exposure measured in a single youth football team during practice drills.Academic Article Why?
Occipital neuralgia as a sequela of sports concussion: a case series and review of the literature.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of Rookie Season Injury and Illness and Career Longevity Among National Basketball Association Players.Academic Article Why?
Waterman, BrianPerson Why?
Hobson, JillianPerson Why?
Development of a Biomechanically-Based Post-Concussion Return to Play Protocol for GymnastsGrant Why?
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