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Stitzel Jr., JoelPerson Why?
Godwin, DwaynePerson Why?
Prolonged Automated Robotic TCD Monitoring in Acute Severe TBI: Study Design and Rationale.Academic Article Why?
Impact of aromatase genetic variation on hormone levels and global outcome after severe TBI.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of working memory dysfunction after mild and moderate TBI: evidence from functional MRI and neurogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Persistent hypogonadism influences estradiol synthesis, cognition and outcome in males after severe TBI.Academic Article Why?
HYBRID Diffusion Imaging to Detect Acute White Matter Injury After Mild TBIGrant Why?
Flashman, LauraPerson Why?
Longitudinal sex and stress hormone profiles among reproductive age and post-menopausal women after severe TBI: A case series analysis.Academic Article Why?
Sarwal, AartiPerson Why?
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