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Neuron-specific (pro)renin receptor knockout prevents the development of salt-sensitive hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Effects of omapatrilat on the renin-angiotensin system in salt-sensitive hypertension.Academic Article Why?
GPER activation ameliorates aortic remodeling induced by salt-sensitive hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Insights into Dahl salt-sensitive hypertension revealed by temporal patterns of renal medullary gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Role of paraventricular angiotensin AT1 receptors in salt-sensitive hypertension in mRen-2 transgenic rats.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of Gene Variants and Mechanisms Underlying Salt-Sensitive HypertensionGrant Why?
Differential effects of sex steroids in young and aged female mRen2.Lewis rats: a model of estrogen and salt-sensitive hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Reeves, KimberlyPerson Why?
Cox, LauraPerson Why?
Nonmodulation as the mechanism for salt sensitivity of blood pressure in individuals with hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus.Academic Article Why?
Chappell, MarkPerson Why?
Estrogen, ACE2 and Salt-SensitivityGrant Why?
Li, WenchengPerson Why?
Uric Acid, Klotho and Salt Sensitivity in Young Adults Born PretermGrant Why?
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