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Health care reform 2010: a landmark achievement for the future.Academic Article Why?
Health care reform--what went wrong on the way to the courthouse.Academic Article Why?
The ethics of health care reform: impact on emergency medicine.Academic Article Why?
Toward a 21st-century health care system: recommendations for health care reform.Academic Article Why?
Hall, MarkPerson Why?
Health Care ReformConcept Why?
Effect of Massachusetts healthcare reform on racial and ethnic disparities in admissions to hospital for ambulatory care sensitive conditions: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics.Academic Article Why?
Hanchate, AmreshPerson Why?
Lin, Meng-YunPerson Why?
After insurance reform: an adequate safety net can bring us to universal coverage.Academic Article Why?
Emergency department crowding, part 2--barriers to reform and strategies to overcome them.Academic Article Why?
Funds Flow in the Era of Value-Based Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Health reform in North Carolina: market hazard, moral imperative: why we need health reform.Academic Article Why?
How Has the Affordable Care Act Affected Health Insurers' Financial Performance?Academic Article Why?
How Insurers Competed in the Affordable Care Act's First Year.Academic Article Why?
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