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Evaluation Studies as TopicConcept Why?
A combined pulmonary-radiology workshop for visual evaluation of COPD: study design, chest CT findings and concordance with quantitative evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Geographic Information Systems to Assess External Validity in Randomized Trials.Academic Article Why?
Judgment in older adults: development and psychometric evaluation of the Test of Practical Judgment (TOP-J).Academic Article Why?
Lin, Meng-YunPerson Why?
Bertoni, AlainPerson Why?
Accuracy and efficiency of an automated system for calculating APACHE II scores in an intensive care unit.Academic Article Why?
Action Civics for Promoting Civic Development: Main Effects of Program Participation and Differences by Project Characteristics.Academic Article Why?
An evaluation of edge effects in nutritional accessibility and availability measures: a simulation study.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of rosacea severity: A review of evaluation methods used in clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Benefits of an ultrasound-guided ESWL unit.Academic Article Why?
Can a computerized tracking system improve faculty compliance with medical student evaluations?Academic Article Why?
Clinical utility of quantitative imaging.Academic Article Why?
Cytologic diagnosis of ductal versus lobular carcinoma of the breast.Academic Article Why?
Design-related bias in hospital fall risk screening tool predictive accuracy evaluations: systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
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