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What is in the Neuromuscular Junction Literature?Academic Article Why?
Abnormal development of the neuromuscular junction in Nedd4-deficient mice.Academic Article Why?
Acetylcholine negatively regulates development of the neuromuscular junction through distinct cellular mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Differences in neuromuscular junctions of laryngeal and limb muscles in rats.Academic Article Why?
Juvenile and adult rat neuromuscular junctions: density, distribution, and morphology.Academic Article Why?
Sympathomimetics regulate neuromuscular junction transmission through TRPV1, P/Q- and N-type Ca2+ channels.Academic Article Why?
Pelvic floor muscle function recovery using biofabricated tissue constructs with neuromuscular junctions.Academic Article Why?
Cartwright, MichaelPerson Why?
Early changes in motoneurons and neuromuscular junctions in ALSAcademic Article Why?
Early changes in motoneurons and neuromuscular junctions in the mutant SOD1 mouse model of ALSAcademic Article Why?
Persistent neuromuscular junction transmission defects in adults with spinal muscular atrophy treated with nusinersen.Academic Article Why?
Neuromuscular JunctionConcept Why?
Neuromuscular Junction DiseasesConcept Why?
How age impairs the response of the neuromuscular junction to nerve transection and repair: An experimental study in rats.Academic Article Why?
Identification of Changes in Muscle, Neuromuscular Junctions and Spinal Cord at Early Pre-symptomatic Stages in the Mutant SOD1 Mouse Model of ALS May Provide Novel Insight for Diagnosis and Treatment DevelopmentAcademic Article Why?
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