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Skin cancer is among the most costly of all cancers to treat for the Medicare population.Academic Article Why?
The cost of glaucoma care provided to Medicare beneficiaries from 2002 to 2009.Academic Article Why?
Hanchate, AmreshPerson Why?
The Medicare home health benefit implications of recent payment changes.Academic Article Why?
The home health visit: an appropriate unit for Medicare payment?Academic Article Why?
What is the value of adding Medicare data in estimating VA hospital readmission rates?Academic Article Why?
A 12-year prospective study of stroke risk in older Medicare beneficiaries.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Home-Time After Acute Ischemic Stroke in Medicare Beneficiaries.Academic Article Why?
Can primary care visits reduce hospital utilization among Medicare beneficiaries at the end of life?Academic Article Why?
Geographic variation in carotid revascularization among Medicare beneficiaries, 2003-2006.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Medicare coverage on disparities in access to simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Medicare-eligible patients diagnosed with atherosclerosis: patterns in statin therapy and lipid monitoring.Academic Article Why?
Quality of heart failure care in managed Medicare and Medicaid patients in North Carolina.Academic Article Why?
Regional variations and trends in the prevalence of diagnosed glaucoma in the Medicare population.Academic Article Why?
Trends over time and regional variations in the rate of laser trabeculoplasty in the Medicare population.Academic Article Why?
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