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KATP ChannelsConcept Why?
Macauley-Rambach, ShannonPerson Why?
NO stimulation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels: Involvement of Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway and contribution to neuroprotection.Academic Article Why?
Effects of Hyperglycemia on Neuronal Activity, Cerebral Metabolism, and Amyloid-beta LevelsGrant Why?
Hyperglycemia modulates extracellular amyloid-ß concentrations and neuronal activity in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Impaired blood pressure recovery to hemorrhage in obese Zucker rats with orthopedic trauma.Academic Article Why?
Myocardial preconditioning against ischemia-reperfusion injury is abolished in Zucker obese rats with insulin resistance.Academic Article Why?
Jordan, JamesPerson Why?
Raab-Graham, KimberlyPerson Why?
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