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Stitzel Jr., JoelPerson Why?
Weaver, AshleyPerson Why?
Waterman, BrianPerson Why?
Elevated depressive symptoms and adolescent injury: examining associations by injury frequency, injury type, and gender.Academic Article Why?
Novel method of estimating AROC using an injury risk curve for biomechanical injury metric selection.Academic Article Why?
Atala, AnthonyPerson Why?
Danelson, KerryPerson Why?
Summertime Blues: ACL rupture, rotator cuff tear, and meniscus tear seem epidemic.Academic Article Why?
Injuries in mountain bike racing: frequency of injuries in endurance versus cross country mountain bike races.Academic Article Why?
Petty, JohnPerson Why?
Rotator cuff injuries in professional and recreational athletes.Academic Article Why?
Injury prediction in a side impact crash using human body model simulation.Academic Article Why?
Reconstruction of massive midfoot bone and soft tissue loss as a result of blast injury.Academic Article Why?
On and off the horse: mechanisms and patterns of injury in mounted and unmounted equestrians.Academic Article Why?
Blunt aortic injury with concomitant intra-abdominal solid organ injury: treatment priorities revisited.Academic Article Why?
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