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McCall, CharlesPerson Why?
From Lipids to Inflammation: New Approaches to Reducing Atherosclerotic Risk.Academic Article Why?
Body fat distribution and inflammation among obese older adults with and without metabolic syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Chronic inflammation is associated with low physical function in older adults across multiple comorbidities.Academic Article Why?
Quercetin attenuates inflammation in human macrophages and adipocytes exposed to macrophage-conditioned media.Academic Article Why?
Soymilk supplementation does not alter plasma markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in postmenopausal women.Academic Article Why?
Nicklas, BarbaraPerson Why?
Zhu, XueweiPerson Why?
The role of inflammation in head and neck cancer.Academic Article Why?
Relationship of cigarette smoking with inflammation and subclinical vascular disease: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Cysteine thiol oxidation on SIRT2 regulates inflammation in obese mice with sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Anaphylaxis and inflammation.Academic Article Why?
CNS injury, glial scars, and inflammation: Inhibitory extracellular matrices and regeneration failure.Academic Article Why?
Colon Cancer: Inflammation-Associated Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Acute maternal oxidant exposure causes susceptibility of the fetal brain to inflammation and oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
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