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K12 Cardiopulmonary Implementation Science Scholars ProgramGrant Why?
Implementation science as an organizational process.Academic Article Why?
Advancing the use of organization theory in implementation science.Academic Article Why?
Beyond "implementation strategies": classifying the full range of strategies used in implementation science and practice.Academic Article Why?
Criteria for selecting implementation science theories and frameworks: results from an international survey.Academic Article Why?
Handbook of Implementation ScienceAcademic Article Why?
Collaboration networks of the implementation science centers for cancer control: a social network analysis.Academic Article Why?
Implementation Science in Practice.Academic Article Why?
The Application of an Implementation Science Framework to Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Be a Champion!Academic Article Why?
Using Implementation Science to Examine the Impact of Cancer Survivorship Care Plans.Academic Article Why?
Implementation Science (Public Health Sciences)Department Why?
Implementation ScienceDepartment Why?
Implementation science in low-resource settings: using the interactive systems framework to improve hand hygiene in a tertiary hospital in Ghana.Academic Article Why?
Houston, ThomasPerson Why?
Implementation science theories to inform efforts for de-implementation of urologic oncology care practices resulting in overuse and misuse.Academic Article Why?
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