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Grabert, BrigidPerson Why?
Papillomavirus VaccinesConcept Why?
Hanchate, AmreshPerson Why?
Why are U.S. girls getting meningococcal but not human papilloma virus vaccines? Comparison of factors associated with human papilloma virus and meningococcal vaccination among adolescent girls 2008 to 2012.Academic Article Why?
Shetty, AvinashPerson Why?
A feasibility trial of parent HPV vaccine reminders and phone-based motivational interviewing.Academic Article Why?
Coaching and Communication Training for HPV Vaccination: A Cluster Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness analysis of the introduction of the human papillomavirus vaccine in Honduras.Academic Article Why?
Effect of provider recommendation style on the length of adolescent vaccine discussions.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of a provider-focused intervention to improve HPV vaccination rates in boys and girls.Academic Article Why?
Fatalistic beliefs and completion of the HPV vaccination series among a sample of young Appalachian Kentucky women.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility and sustainability of a nurse-led intervention to integrate HPV vaccination into medical processing for active-duty Soldiers.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of using an app-based coaching intervention to improve provider communication about HPV vaccination.Academic Article Why?
HPV vaccine decision-making and acceptance: does religion play a role?Academic Article Why?
Human Papillomavirus Vaccination and Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cancer Rates Within Florida Counties.Academic Article Why?
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