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A pain model after gynecologic surgery: the effect of intrathecal and systemic morphine.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of a Brief Yoga Intervention for Improving Acute Pain and Distress Post Gynecologic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
New Developments in Robotics and Single-site Gynecologic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Perioperative Management and Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Programs in Gynecologic Surgery for Benign Indications.Academic Article Why?
The role of simulation and warm-up in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Variance in abdominal wall anatomy and port placement in women undergoing robotic gynecologic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Matthews, CatherinePerson Why?
Gynecologic Surgical ProceduresConcept Why?
Open-label exploration of an intravenous nalbuphine and naloxone mixture as an analgesic agent following gynecologic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Opioid Use in the Postoperative Arena: Global Reduction in Opioids After Surgery Through Enhanced Recovery and Gynecologic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Moulder, JanellePerson Why?
Predictors of Admission After the Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Pathway for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
An evaluation of the Manufacturer And User Facility Device Experience database that inspired the United States Food and Drug Administration's Reclassification of transvaginal mesh.Academic Article Why?
Applications of robotic surgery in gynecology.Academic Article Why?
Bowel preparation before vaginal prolapse surgery: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
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