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Blood CoagulationConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation DisordersConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation Disorders, InheritedConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation Factor InhibitorsConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation FactorsConcept Why?
Blood Coagulation TestsConcept Why?
Whole Blood Coagulation TimeConcept Why?
Rahbar, ElahehPerson Why?
VKORC1: a warfarin-sensitive enzyme in vitamin K metabolism and biosynthesis of vitamin K-dependent blood coagulation factors.Academic Article Why?
Effects of the blood coagulation vitamin K as an inhibitor of arterial calcification.Academic Article Why?
Do coagulation abnormalities contribute to sepsis associated organ failure?Academic Article Why?
Elevations of inflammatory and procoagulant biomarkers in elderly persons with renal insufficiency.Academic Article Why?
Hypercoagulable States in patients with patent foramen ovale.Academic Article Why?
No effect of clot age or thrombolysis on argatroban's inhibition of thrombin.Academic Article Why?
Predicting the pharmacodynamics of heparin: a clinical evaluation of the Hepcon System 4.Academic Article Why?
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