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The interaction between diabetes and estradiol on human brain metabolism in postmenopausal womenGrant Why?
Blood-Based Bioenergetic Profiling Reflects Differences in Brain Bioenergetics and Metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Macauley-Rambach, ShannonPerson Why?
Brain cholesterol metabolism, oxysterols, and dementia.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes and insulin in regulation of brain cholesterol metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Markers of cholesterol metabolism in the brain show stronger associations with cerebrovascular disease than Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
Increased cerebral metabolism after 1 year of deep brain stimulation in Alzheimer disease.Academic Article Why?
Hugenschmidt, ChristinaPerson Why?
De Novo Mutations in SON Disrupt RNA Splicing of Genes Essential for Brain Development and Metabolism, Causing an Intellectual-Disability Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Expression of mitochondrial branched-chain aminotransferase and a-keto-acid dehydrogenase in rat brain: implications for neurotransmitter metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Growth, metabolism, and blood pressure disturbances during aging in transgenic rats with altered brain renin-angiotensin systems.Academic Article Why?
Solving the mystery of the diabetes-dementia connection: new clues--but far from "case closed".Academic Article Why?
Craft, SuzannePerson Why?
Combinatorial Strategies for the Treatment of Brain MetastasesGrant Why?
Biomarkers of preclinical Alzheimer disease and cognitionGrant Why?
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