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Trends in biomaterials research: An analysis of the scientific programme of the World Biomaterials Congress 2008.Academic Article Why?
Atala, AnthonyPerson Why?
Williams, DavidPerson Why?
Mechanical and biological properties of keratose biomaterials.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of hepatocyte attachment to keratin biomaterials.Academic Article Why?
On the nature of biomaterials.Academic Article Why?
Oxygen producing biomaterials for tissue regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Phase changes in biomaterials.Academic Article Why?
Smart biomaterials design for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Some properties of keratin biomaterials: kerateines.Academic Article Why?
Biomaterials for integration with 3-D bioprinting.Academic Article Why?
The delicate balancing act of metallic biomaterials.Academic Article Why?
* A Paradigm for the Evaluation of Tissue-Engineering Biomaterials and Templates.Academic Article Why?
Biomaterials for pelvic floor reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Biomimetic approaches to modulate cellular adhesion in biomaterials: A review.Academic Article Why?
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