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Health Services AccessibilityConcept Why?
Boulware, LeighPerson Why?
Hall, MarkPerson Why?
Health care access and health care workforce for immigrant workers in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sector in the southeastern US.Academic Article Why?
Race differences in access to health care and disparities in incident chronic kidney disease in the US.Academic Article Why?
Receipt of appropriate primary breast cancer therapy and adjuvant therapy are not associated with obesity in older women with access to health care.Academic Article Why?
Rhodes, ScottPerson Why?
Arcury, ThomasPerson Why?
A National Long-term Outcomes Evaluation of U.S. Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs Designed to Promote Health care Access and Workforce Diversity.Academic Article Why?
Access to arthroscopy: ethical imperatives and economic challenges.Academic Article Why?
Access to care provided by better safety net systems for the uninsured: measuring and conceptualizing adequacy.Academic Article Why?
Access to transportation and health care utilization in a rural region.Academic Article Why?
Accreditation status and geographic location of outpatient vascular testing facilities among Medicare beneficiaries: the VALUE (Vascular Accreditation, Location & Utilization Evaluation) study.Academic Article Why?
Adjuvant chemotherapy among medicaid-enrolled patients diagnosed with nonmetastatic colon cancer.Academic Article Why?
After insurance reform: an adequate safety net can bring us to universal coverage.Academic Article Why?
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