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Clinical teaching as part of continuing professional development: Does teaching enhance clinical performance?Academic Article Why?
A 360-degree assessment of teaching effectiveness using a structured-videorecorded observed teaching exercise for faculty development.Academic Article Why?
Patterns of organophosphorous poisoning attending a teaching hospital.Academic Article Why?
An ethics curriculum for teaching emergency medicine residents.Academic Article Why?
Introducing the CHEST Teaching, Education, and Career Hub.Academic Article Why?
MedEdPortal: The Journal of Teaching and Learning ResourcesAcademic Article Why?
Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: The teaching.Academic Article Why?
Teaching Communication Skills to Radiology Residents.Academic Article Why?
Teaching the psychosocial aspects of pediatric surgery.Academic Article Why?
Fitch, MichaelPerson Why?
Hospitals, TeachingConcept Why?
Reidar Wallin Faculty Teaching Award in Molecular Medicine and Translational SciencesAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Remedial TeachingConcept Why?
TeachingConcept Why?
Teaching MaterialsConcept Why?
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