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Characterization of DLBCL with a PMBL gene expression signature.Academic Article Why?
Diurnal gene expression patterns of T-type calcium channels and their modulation by ethanol.Academic Article Why?
Identifying gene expression changes in breast cancer that distinguish early and late relapse among uncured patients.Academic Article Why?
Systematic screening of gene expression using a cDNA macroarray.Academic Article Why?
Miller, LancePerson Why?
Cerebellum Gene Expression Changes With Chronic EthanolGrant Why?
Das, SwapanPerson Why?
Davis, RonaldPerson Why?
Disease progression and phasic changes in gene expression in a mouse model of osteoarthritis.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression and metabolism preceding soft scald, a chilling injury of 'Honeycrisp' apple fruit.Academic Article Why?
Identification of unique gene expression profile in children with regressive autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ileocolitis.Academic Article Why?
Molecular changes from dysplastic nodule to hepatocellular carcinoma through gene expression profiling.Academic Article Why?
Single-cell gene expression analysis: implications for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders.Academic Article Why?
Tissue-dependent and -independent gene expression changes in metastatic colon cancer.Academic Article Why?
Classification using functional data analysis for temporal gene expression data.Academic Article Why?
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