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Corneal DiseasesConcept Why?
McNutt, PatrickPerson Why?
Corneal pseudomembrane from acute inflammatory response and fibrin formation to acute myeloid leukemic infiltrate.Academic Article Why?
Corneal Sensitivity and Presence of Pathogenic Organisms Among Participants Who Have Undergone Trichiasis Surgery Differ by Surgical Outcome.Academic Article Why?
Indications for corneal transplantation in New Zealand: 1991-1999.Academic Article Why?
Nodular Fasciitis Involving the Cornea: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.Academic Article Why?
Ophthalmic images. Traumatic anterior subluxation of natural lens with aniridia and blood lining Descemet folds.Academic Article Why?
Oral mucosal graft with amniotic membrane transplantation for total limbal stem cell deficiency.Academic Article Why?
Over-the-counter decorative contact lenses: Cosmetic or Medical Devices? A Case Series.Academic Article Why?
Pathogenesis of acute and delayed corneal lesions after ocular exposure to sulfur mustard vapor.Academic Article Why?
Protective effect of soft contact lenses after Boston keratoprosthesis.Academic Article Why?
Small-incision Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty: a comparison of small-incision tissue injector and forceps techniques.Academic Article Why?
Structural, morphological, and functional correlates of corneal endothelial toxicity following corneal exposure to sulfur mustard vapor.Academic Article Why?
The Need for Improved Therapeutic Approaches to Protect the Cornea Against Chemotoxic Injuries.Academic Article Why?
Three-millimeter incision descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty using sodium hyaluronate (healon): a survey of 105 eyes.Academic Article Why?
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