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Accident & desire. Inadvertent germline effects in clinical research.Academic Article Why?
CLARA: an integrated clinical research administration system.Academic Article Why?
Contemporary clinical research of traditional Chinese medicines for chronic hepatitis B in China: an analytical review.Academic Article Why?
Developing model language for disclosing financial interests to potential clinical research participants.Academic Article Why?
Disclosure of financial relationships to participants in clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Effects of disclosing financial interests on attitudes toward clinical research.Academic Article Why?
Gerontologic biostatistics: the statistical challenges of clinical research with older study participants.Academic Article Why?
Key observations from the NHLBI Asthma Clinical Research Network.Academic Article Why?
Recruiting intergenerational African American males for biomedical research Studies: a major research challenge.Academic Article Why?
Setting high-impact clinical research priorities for the Society for Vascular Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Social network analysis of biomedical research collaboration networks in a CTSA institution.Academic Article Why?
Validating the extract, transform, load process used to populate a large clinical research database.Academic Article Why?
Asthma Clinical Research Network (ACRN)Grant Why?
Communicating the results of clinical research to participants: attitudes, practices, and future directions.Academic Article Why?
Minority Biomedical Research Support - SCORE Program at NCCUGrant Why?
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