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Mitochondrial generation of superoxide in male reproduction

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About 10 percent of American families are affected by infertilily. Among which, one-third 01 these cases are due to female factOfs, one third to male factOfs, and the remainder are a mixture or have unknown causes. Mitochondrial dysfunction is responsible fOf a wide variety of severe mitochondrial diseases. Impairment of mitoc:hondrial function is one of the factors thaI contribute to infertility. In addition, it is associa ted with a series of other human diseases and conditions, including atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. insulin resistance, age-related neurodegenerative diseases, human ageing, and infertjljty. Mammalian models with defined mitochondrial dysfunction suitable fOf reproductive disease studies are nOI available at present. We recently generated a mouse mutant, Jmmp2l"T~JD7P
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