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Genetic aspects of behavioral neurotoxicology.Academic Article Why?
High yield derivation of enriched glutamatergic neurons from suspension-cultured mouse ESCs for neurotoxicology research.Academic Article Why?
Regional Neurotoxicity & Early Biomarkers of Air Pollution Effects on Brain AgingGrant Why?
Concentrations of environmental chemicals associated with neurodevelopmental effects in U.S. population.Academic Article Why?
Cultured lymphocytes from autistic children and non-autistic siblings up-regulate heat shock protein RNA in response to thimerosal challenge.Academic Article Why?
Developing methods for assessing neurotoxic effects in Hispanic non-English speaking children.Academic Article Why?
Methylmercury stimulates arachidonic acid release and cytosolic phospholipase A2 expression in primary neuronal cultures.Academic Article Why?
Neurobehavioral performance in preschool children from agricultural and non-agricultural communities in Oregon and North Carolina.Academic Article Why?
The impacts of pesticide and nicotine exposures on functional brain networks in Latino immigrant workers.Academic Article Why?
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